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GH3 Gold is a unique cellular food containing 100mg Procaine Hydrochloride, which is a synthesis of two B vitamins .
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Don't understand why this has been voted cold.
Does someone know something about this that I don't?

Maybe people are voting it cold because GH3 is a drug which can cause low blood pressure, respiratory difficulties, and convulsions in some users. On the flip side, it could have a mild anaesthetic effect and possibly works as a mild anti-depressant.

As far as I know, there is no scientific evidence backing up claims for any other health benefits (anti-aging etc).

Procaine hydrochloride is another name for "novocaine": ]read more

More on the actual drug ]here. (although some of the claims for have most likely been stuck in there by those who peddle the drug)

The "free" in the deal may be good, but the product that's free isn't. Hence the cooling.
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