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70+ Free Udemy Courses: Master JavaScript, Excel VBA, Python, HTML5 & CSS3, Presentation, Tax Credits, Java, SEO, Public Speaking & More

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[4.6] [45h 32m] Master JavaScript - The Most Complete JavaScript Course 2022Code=FREEJAVASCRIPTFEB

[4.0] [4h 31m] JavaScript for Beginners: The Complete Course for Beginners Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.6] [2h 22m] The Ultimate Excel VBA Course: Learn & Master VBA Fast Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.3] [3h 46m] Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & Pandas Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.4] [2h 4m] Python for Deep Learning: Build Neural Networks in Python Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.2] [2h 28m] Python for Machine Learning: The Complete Beginner's Course Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.2] [3h 59m] Python for OOP: The A-to-Z OOP Python Programming Course Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.5] [6h 0m] Python for Data Science & Machine Learning: Zero to Hero Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.1] [35m] Learn Python and Become Professional Python Developer No Code

[4.4] [5h 43m] Facebook Marketing | Ad Secrets | Retargetting | Traffic Gen Code=999FEB2023

[4.4] [1h 10m] Cryptocurrency Trading And Secrets | The Beginners Bootcamp Code=999FEB2023

[4.3] [4h 20m] HTML5 & CSS3 Complete Course: Build Websites like a Pro Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.2] [1h 55m] Bootstrap 5 Course: Build Responsive Websites like a Pro Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[3.9] [1h 57m] React.JS Crash Course: The Complete Course for Beginners Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.4] [4h 30m] AutoCAD 2023 MasterClass: Produce Amazing Site Plans Quickly Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.3] [2h 30m] WordPress Crash Course: Build any Website in Minutes! Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.7] [3h 33m] Project Finance & Excel: Build Financial Models from Scratch Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.4] [1h 28m ] Starting A Freelance Business | The Beginners Guide Code=999FEB2023

[Bestseller] [1h 22m] You Can Deliver a TED-Style Talk Presentation (Unofficial) Code=THANKS006

[4.6] [1h 5m] Interviewing Skills for Jobs: Ace the Job Interview Code=THANKS006

[4.5] [53m] Podcast For Business | How To Grow A Business With Podcast Code=999FEB2023

[4.2] [3h 6m] Project Finance Fundamentals | Infrastructure & Energy Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.0] [2h 15m] The Complete NFT Course: Become an NFT Creator & Investor Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[3.6] [4h 1m] Complete Italian for Beginners: Speak Italian like a Pro Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.5] [1h 34m] Time Management Mastery: 10X Your Time, Join the New Rich Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.5] [50m] Fixed Income Securities: Become a Bond Analyst & Investor Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.2] [4h 38m] Crypto Masterclass: Bitcoin, Altcoins, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.1] [1h 29m] Tailwind CSS in 1 hour: Master Tailwind CSS Quickly Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.8] [31m] Overcome Cryptocurrency Scams | Learn Bitcoin Profit Secrets Code=999FEB2023

[4.3] [1h 19m] Competitor Analysis Masterclass (Phenomenal Edition)Code=0440696D327CB1EC6A8E

[4.5] [1h 0m] Sanitation & Wastewater Treatment Explained Code=145DF6AEE5AEFC257070

[New] [54m] The Polite Child ( Level One ) Code=003D3BC2D11612679FFB

[4.9] [7h 55m] Online Course Creation - Sell Online Courses (Unofficial)Code=E5969DB28C8FF05E304C

[4.0] [2h 13m] Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses ProfitsCode=REIFFHPEXPFEB102023

[4.7] [2h 50m] Oracle Primavera P6 Essentials Training Code=A1673B2EE1ECE10B047A

[3.8] [3h 40m] Developing and Deploying Applications with Streamlit Code=VALENTINESDAY

[4.3] [1h 14m] 6 Simple Steps to Bring Your Dreams into Your RealityCode=721526553C5A75081EDC

[4.7] [1h 19m] Minute Taking Crash course: Learn Minute Taking at meetings Code=FREEMEETING

[3.9] [57m] Master Course in E-Commerce 3.0 Code=C511D9E80382C7EBD7B3

[4.2] [1h 20m] Facebook Ads Lead Generation Marketing for business Code=402023

[4.6] [4h 35m] Income Tax-Business Use of Home Deduction Code=9199BABFB621F54AA3BF

[Highest rated] [12h 32m] Education Tax Credits & Education Tax BenefitsCode=49B83F95334198EFAA4E

[4.6] [4h 35m] Income Tax-Business Use of Home Deduction Code=9199BABFB621F54AA3BF

[4.3] [20h 27m ] Tax Credits - Family & Dependent Tax Credits Code=A125FBE0F3C50BD48A3E

[4.8] [5h 10m] Tax & Adjusting Entry Year-End Accounting Excel WorksheetCode=1DAC44B6E0068FF0217B

[Highest rated] [12h 33m] Financial Accounting – Inventory CostsCode=C79546D205FCBAAD6B41

[4.3] [118h 56m] Accounting–Financial Accounting Total-Beginners to AdvancedCode=F17C76CA436E53012E7E

[3.9] [2h 48m] QuickBooks Desktop Bank Reconciliation Code=F599F38D83CE0B6CCBE5

[4.1] [5h 45m] QuickBooks Online Bank Reconciliation Code=A352176AAE3F35AEA62F

[4.2] [108h 36m] QuickBooks Online 2023 Start to Finish Code=79B820822348E7472DFF

[4.3] [2h 27m] File & Folder Management Using PowerShell Code=FEB-GIFT-1

[4.6] [2h 8m] Programming Network Applications in Java Code=FEBRR23

[3.4] [42m] Comic Creation for Entrepreneurs Code=8ADA153B8A0AE827E5CB

[4.2] [6h 41m] Advanced Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing CourseCode=EEA79FBB8DACCED62938

[4.1] [47m] Artificial Intelligence in App Creation: Beginners EditionCode=EB1DF8F98E867EE8634B

[4.4] [1h 4m] Ace your career with the Power of Artificial IntelligenceCode=2B0F1ACF78AFB4CBEF0B

[4.5] [1h 9m] Space Render 1.0: Artificial Intelligence in 3D AnimationCode=048834EF3755D6B6D2D4

[4.1] [1h 21m] Contracts Management in Construction Projects Code=CONTRACTSFEB23

[4.1] [1h 40m] Vigilant Leadership Code=VIGILANT4

[New] [4h 11m] Unleash Your Superpower: Courage Code=5F1D3A3905A0131C69A2

[3.7] [10h 24m] Political Science- Political Party and Politics Code=POL_PARTY_FREE_223

[New] [1h 6m] Overcome Phone Addiction And Start Social Media Marketing Code=999FEB2023

[4.5] [12h 52m] Sell More: Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads for E-Commerce 2023Code=RABBITFEBRUARY3

[4.2] [7h 20m] Best of Copywriting & SEO: Content, Copywriting & SEO CourseCode=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.2] [46h 58m] Best of SEO: #1 SEO Training & Content Marketing Course 2023Code=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.6] [1h 36m] Career Change: Become a Paid Expert in What You Love Code=THANKS006

[4.5] [1h 57m] Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 Hours Code=THANKS006

[4.6] [4h 41m] Media Training: Look Your Best-Get the Exact Quotes You Want Code=THANKS006

[4.5] 15+ Free eBooks : Negotiating to Win, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Strategies & More No Code

[New] Learn ChatGPT - AI That Will Make You A Programmer, Developer, Designer, Artist and Make You Money No Code

Popular Discounted Courses:

[4.2] [82h 38m] Complete Codecamp On C, C++, C#, Java & Python Programming! $9.99Code=999FEB2023

[4.3] [92h 36m] Ultimate SEO, Social Media, & Digital Marketing Course 2023 $9.99Code=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.5] [15h 51m] Website Design With HTML, CSS And JavaScript For Beginners $9.99Code=999FEB2023

[4.2] [10h 58m] Computer Vision In Python! Face Detection & Image Processing $9.99Code=999FEB2023

[4.4] [79h 24m] Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses 2023 $9.99Code=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[Highest rated] [2h 2m] Image Processing Masterclass in Python For Beginners In 2021 $9.99Code=999FEB2023

[4.6] [4h 24m] The Complete PowerPoint Design and Delivery Course for 2023 $9.99Code=THANKS006

[4.6] [58m] Freelance Consulting - The 1-Hour Course for Beginners $9.99 Code=THANK006

[4.3] [15h 58m] The Complete Writing Course: Develop True Writing Mastery $9.99Code=THANKS006

[4.7] [7h 36m] The Complete Telecommuting Course - Remote Work - Work Life $9.99Code=THANKS006

[4.3] [43h 43m] Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMP) $9.99Code=SM01FEB2023

[Bestseller] [89h 40m] Best of Digital Marketing: #1 Digital Marketing Course 2023 $9.99Code=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.0] [95h 23m] Ultimate PHP, Laravel, CSS & Sass! Learn PHP, Laravel & Sass $9.99Code=FEBBESTPROMO1

[4.9] [5h 20m] The Complete English Idioms Course - Master English Idioms $9.99Code=THANKS004

[4.7] [15h 6m] Confidence Mastery Course: Unleash Your Hidden Potential $9.99 Code=THANKS004

[4.6] [32h 33m] Best of Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads 2023 Ultimate Pro Edition $9.99Code=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.6] [16h 14m] Facebook Ads Copywriting & Facebook Ads for Real Estate 2023 $9.99Code=RABBITFEBRUARY3

[4.7] [2h 28m] The Complete Hypnotherapy Course: Hypnosis Certification $9.99 Code=THANKS004

[4.6] [1h 59m] Complete Management Coaching Course - Executive Coaching $9.99Code=THANKS004

[4.3] [1h 56m] The Complete Recruiting Masterclass - HR Resources - Hiring $9.99Code=THANKS004

Free Courses in French

[Highest rated] [2h 51m] Excel VBA pour débutants: Formation pas à pas sur Excel VBA Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[Hot & new] [2h 22m] Formation WordPress: Créez 1 Site rapidement en partant de 0 Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[Hot & new] [4h 19m] Python pour la Data Science et le Machine Learning: A à Z Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[Highest rated] [1h 21m] AutoCAD 2023 en 1h: Maîtrisez les Bases Rapidement Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[3.9] [54m] Brainteasers pour les entretiens en Conseil & Finance Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[3.3] [1h 42m] NFT pour les Débutants: Devenir Investisseur et Créateur NFT Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.3] [2h 46m] Analyse de Données avec Python: Numpy, Pandas et Matplotlib Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.4] [4h 38m] Python pour le Deep Learning & le Machine Learning: A à Z Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[3.9] [2h 12m] Bootstrap 5: Créer et Lancer des Sites Web Réactifs Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[3.6] [1h 43m] Tailwind CSS en 1h: Maîtriser ce puissant framework CSS Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[Highest rated] [2h 52m] Python pour la POO: Programmation Orientée Objet en Python Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.2] [2h 58m] JavaScript pour les débutants : Cours complet pour débutants Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.0] [2h 49m] Masterclass Cryptoactifs: Tout sur les Altcoins, NFT, DeFi Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[4.4] [4h 6m] HTML5 et CSS3 : La Formation Complète Code=FEB-BESTDEALS

[3.1] [2h 13m] Komplett NFT-Kurs: Werden Sie ein NFT-Ersteller und-Investor Code=FEB-BESTDEALS
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    Cold, tried 8 links, none worked
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    Thanks, I've probably enrolled to 1000+ of these things lol don't think I've ever bothered with them. Most are essentially YouTube videos but paid until these free offers come up.
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    Javascript one doesn't work for me.
    Worked for me. I think they stop after a certain amount enroll
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    Expired (coupon flogged to death) for the courses i am interested in (java/python)
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    Thank you 🙏
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    None of them are free for me 👎
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    Dead deal - shuld be closed, nearly all offers expired.
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    Thanks enrolled in a couple
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    Minute Taking Crash course: Learn Minute Taking at meetings

    Expired max coupon used
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    Thanks op
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    Yeah, they're not 'free' but discounted. At least for the courses and codes I tried.
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    FEB-BESTDEALS also expired (edited)
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    Tried a few but they all say: "This coupon has exceeded its maximum possible redemptions and can no longer be used."
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    So many people were lucky... FEBRR23 is also expired now. Thanks
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    Thanks OP ♥
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    Exceeded maximum number of redemptions when I enter code. 
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    Udemy needs to stop giving away courses. They're devaluing their products. There are a lot of rubbish courses on Udemy but some of them are pretty amazing and definitely not something you can find on YouTube.
    I’ve started with Microsoft learn which is pretty good so far. Does Udemy offer more?