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Free Udemy Courses: Media Training Public Speaking, Computer Networks Foundations, Salary Negotiation, Windows, Project Management & More

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[Bestseller] [4h 41m] Media Training Public Speaking Training for Candidates Code=THANKS004

[4.2] [6h 58m] Facebook & Instagram Dynamic Ads: Dynamic Retargeting CourseCode=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[Bestseller] [10h 7m] Lead Generation Mastery with Facebook Lead & Messenger AdsCode=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.4] [1h 19m] Computer Networks Foundations - Best Starter Course [2023] Code=NETWORK333

[4.4] [1h 19m] Computer Networks Foundations - Best Starter Course [2023] Code=NETWORK222

[Hot & new] [6h 29m] The Complete Marketing Strategy with Hands-on ExercisesCode=MARKETINGSTRATEGYTA

[3.9] [17h 33m] Video Production, YouTube Marketing, & Video Marketing GuideCode=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.4] [46m] Salary Negotiation - How to Ask for and Receive a Pay Raise Code=THANKS004

[4.7] [2h 22m] Public Relations: Crisis Communications Oil and Gas Industry Code=THANKS004

[4.5] [1h 13m] Sales Skills Training: Explode Your Sales with Online Video Code=THANKS004

[4.6] [1h 8m] Fear of Public Speaking: Never Fear Public Speaking Again Code=THANKS004

[New] [480 questions] 100% Score, Pass ITILv4 Foundation, 12 Full Exams, 2023Code=EFBC1FC3FEDE22F7888C

[New] [1h 0m] Get Interview Ready with SpringData JPA & Hibernate ConceptsCode=0764AF47C0C9BB139D53

[4.0] [1h 6m] Setup and Configure Windows Nano Server from ScratchCode=A0CC7D639F41CB11DF3C

[4.3] [38m] Javascript Build a Calculator using HTML, CSS and Javascript Code=GOAHEAD

[4.7] [3h 28m] The Complete Job Interviewing Skills Masterclass Code=HELPING-4-GOOD

[New] [4h 29m] The Ultimate Sass Course: Boost Your Web Development Skills Code=SASS-FOR-YOU

[4.3] [2h 21m] Google Adwords Crash Course 2022 Code=402023

[4.5] [2h 22m] Run Search Ad In Google Ads & Easy SEO For Beginners-2022 Code=402023

[4.2] [2h 24m] Control Your Subconscious Mind: Neuroscience Hidden SecretsCode=FEB2023FREE1

[4.4] [1h 43m] 10x Your Social Skills & Connect With People Code=FEB2023FREE1

[3.7] [11h 28m] Copywriting Masterclass : Copywriting Mastery for 2023Code=B7C54718EE1E0D215D7A

[4.2] [56m] Master Course in Time Management Code=F23B77623907C9FDAC76

[4.3] [1h 24m] Personal Branding System 3.0: UNIQUE Secret for YOUR SuccessCode=FEB2023FREE1

[4.1] [1h 59m] Ultimate Guide to Product Design: Design Thinking Approach Code=FEB2023FREE1

[4.4] [1h 0m] CheckPoint Management Server R81 HA Configuration Code=1000-FREE

[4.8] [14h 30m] The Complete Drums Course From Scratch - For All Ages Code=COUPONAA

[4.0] [1h 0m] Master Course in Project Management 2.0 Code=BB46B19966674ED64186

[New] [45m] Master Course in Business Process Modeling (BPM and BPMN)Code=53E12B86EAC9B4A46C44

[4.6] [21h 30m] Financial Accounting & Excel–Comprehensive Accounting CourseCode=DBEE1FECC0F218DA3248

[New] [4h 29m] The Ultimate Sass Course: Boost Your Web Development Skills Code=SASS-FOR-YOU

[4.7] [7h 27m] Learn Chinese, Basic Mandarin Chinese, HSK 1 PreparationCode=8F4C45F754B0DA492137

[4.2] [2h 17m] Human Rights : A basic course Code=HR_FREE_0223

[4.7] [3h 28m] The Complete Job Interviewing Skills Masterclass Code=HELPING-4-GOOD

[New] [46m] Master Course in Interviewing Skills and Career DevelopmentCode=C4E8EE1C94B4CE3B73A4

[Hot & new] [53m] Master Course in Human Resources 2.0 Code=AD6F2FA4AB9C3EEC9DC5

[4.1] [52m] Master Course of Microsoft Power Platform Code=7A1A061FBF73719CE601

[4.6] [2h 1m] Email Marketing 2023. Increase sales with Email Marketing! Code=EM0302

[4.4] [1h 38m] Quantity Surveyor's Guide for Pre-Contracts ManagementCode=QSPRECONTRACTSFEB23

[4.1] [2h 33m] Master the Art of Writing Fascinating Copy for PersuasionCode=05831AAAFFDF262CE27F

[4.6] [5h 3m] Global Economics plus the Great Reset! Code=GLOBALEC

[New] [4h 19m] Shamanic Essentials [Accredited Certificate Course] Code=TRUSHAMANISM

[New] [18m] Midjourney AI tutorial No Code

[New] [4m] Ultimate Guide to Copywriting No Code

[New] [8h] Learn Python (8+ hours) No Code

[4.7] Python with Examples (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $2.99) No Code

[4.3] HTML and CSS (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $2.99) No Code

[4.6] Hands-On Python (3 book series) (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 each) No Code

Popular Discounted Courses

[Hot & new] [8h 53m] [NEW] AWS Certified Security Specialty Complete Course 2023 $9.99Code=AWS-SECURITY

[New] [120 questions] AWS Certified Security Specialty Practice Exams 2023 $9.99 Code=AWS-SECURITY

[4.3] [43h 43m] Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMP) $9.99Code=SM01FEB2023

[Bestseller] [89h 40m] Best of Digital Marketing: #1 Digital Marketing Course 2023 $9.99Code=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.6] [32h 33m] Best of Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads 2023 Ultimate Pro Edition $9.99Code=RABBITFEBRUARY1

[4.6] [16h 14m] Facebook Ads Copywriting & Facebook Ads for Real Estate 2023 $9.99Code=RABBITFEBRUARY3

[4.6] [45h 32m] Master JavaScript - The Most Complete JavaScript Course 2022 $9.99Code=FEBBESTPROMO1

[4.0] [95h 23m] Ultimate PHP, Laravel, CSS & Sass! Learn PHP, Laravel & Sass $9.99Code=FEBBESTPROMO1

[4.9] [5h 20m] The Complete English Idioms Course - Master English Idioms $9.99Code=THANKS004

[4.7] [15h 6m] Confidence Mastery Course: Unleash Your Hidden Potential $9.99 Code=THANKS004

[4.7] [2h 28m] The Complete Hypnotherapy Course: Hypnosis Certification $9.99 Code=THANKS004

[4.6] [1h 59m] Complete Management Coaching Course - Executive Coaching $9.99Code=THANKS004

[4.3] [1h 56m] The Complete Recruiting Masterclass - HR Resources - Hiring $9.99Code=THANKS004
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    When ever I click on the Get deal, it takes me to the course with fees, am I missing something or the deal has expired alreqdy? Please guide. Thanks
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    Thanks for this.... watch out everyone, you're going to see me in your recommended vids on YouTube soon!
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    Fantastic post...thanks
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    Decent amount of courses as usual. Heat added! 🔥
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    The time management one is sold out every time I try to redeem that code
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    Now I can become the shaman I have always want to be!
    Just don't wear the uniform.
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    Most of the free ones aren't free anymore
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    The shamanic one has expired fyi thanks anyways
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    Thanks @MartianMan

    I'm desperate for some Excel courses, if you stumble across anything.
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    Networking - This coupon has exceeded its maximum possible redemptions and can no longer be used.
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    all the ones i want look to be expired