Free UK Genealogy: Search Free Records

Free UK Genealogy: Search Free Records

Found 17th Oct 2017
Want to search out your family history? This volunteer-powered genealogy website gives you access to millions of public records, such as parish registers, census data, governmental sources, and others completely free of charge.

Unlike some sites, Free UK Genealogy is free to search, so please consider a donation if you find the site particularly interesting. The site is split into three areas: FreeBMD (for births, marriages and deaths), FreeCEN (for UK census information), and Free REG (for parish and non-civic registers).

Free UK Genealogy includes over 3 million births, marriages and deaths records, over 35 million parish register records, and over 30 million census records (between 1841 and 1891). Volunteers are continually working on expanding the range of records available, so these are set to grow even further in the near future.

The “News” section of the website provides regular updates, such as volunteer opportunities, the latest on open information and open source projects, along with the latest site developments.

Free UK Genealogy also provides a free mailing list service, which you can subscribe to and keep updated with the latest project developments.

As mentioned previously, please consider giving a donation to the project if you find the website useful when seeking out your own family history.
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What are you supposed to do i put a name in search and nothing infact i put 5 names in ?
Edited by: "waterloo" 18th Oct 2017
Thank you, it works absolutely fine and is most helpful.
Doesn't work for Scotland or I suspect Northern Ireland. Should not put UK in the title of their website, it's limited to England and Wales only.
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