Free unlimited Virgin to Virgin minutes for new mobile customers with a media account.

Free unlimited Virgin to Virgin minutes for new mobile customers with a media account.

Found 6th Aug 2009
Only found this out the other day when I tried to change tariff on my new Virgin Mobile account. Apparently if you are a Virgin Media customer you can get unlimited Virgin to Virgin minutes (well, 3000 minutes but that is a lot).
This is great if you signed up for a tariff in the last 28 days or are about to and are on Virgin Media for your phone, tv or broadband. Even if you don't have friends or family on Virgin, you never know who you will be ringing and this does not affect your other allowances.

I am now on 150 mins, 500 texts and unlimited data for £18 a month and now can ring my wife or daughter for free without using up my airtime allowance.


Yep, with Virgin myself, have been for some time, very happy with them. Good customer service too


i can't understand why their CS gets a bad rep, everytime I've contacted them they've been extremely swift and competent not to mention the fact they seem to actually be pretty damn smart, maybe their on some good money, I should look in to that.

you also get £30 off your VM bill if u take out car/home insurance with them, no idea if its cheap or good.

ican't stress enough how much better their customer service is than sky who never have a clue, costs loads to call them, you never get anything written down so can't prove you ever rang or emailed.

with the hd channels added to virgin and more to come in the next months there's no question which is best.

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Oh, nearly forgot the £10 you get each time you recommend a friend to join up. You get quite a bit more (£50?) for recommending a friend to their media service.
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