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Posted 5 November 2022

3-6 months Apple TV + free streaming service subscription with sign up @ Currys Perks

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

IMPORTANT: You have to OPT IN to email communications in order to receive any offers from them (including, I assume, this offer).

No purchase required, just sign up for this months offers at Currys Perks

Get up to 6 months Apple TV+ free with Currys Perks. For a limited only, until 29/12

Up to 6 months free Apple TV+ for new subscribers, £6.99/month thereafter unless canceled. Valid only for Apple TV+ in United Kingdom. Requires Apple ID with payment method on file. Must be 13 years or older. Terms and Apple Privacy Policy apply, see apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/uk/terms.html. Compatible products and services required. Apple is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion. Apple TV+ is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Apple TV+ is a trademark of Apple Inc. Learn more: apple.com/uk/apple-tv-plus/.
Currys More details at Currys

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    Does anyone have any viewing recommendations for Apple TV?
    For all mankind
    Ted Lasso
    The morning show
    Mytic Quest
    Not seen myself yet, but heared recommendations for:
    Slow horses
    The shrink next door
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    This one doesn’t require a purchase tho
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    How can anyone complain about the content when it is free? Also, if you have EE monthly contract you can get 6 months free, as extra, if not had it before.
    I signed up for 2 months free, but you have to pay for everything, and the good content costs the most. So typical Apple really.
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    I went to Currys on Friday and got given a card with my purchase, tried to apply it and initially my iPhone said 6 months free Apple TV+ applied, but then it was refused and reversed.

    I called Apple support and spent over 45 minutes on the phone to discover that Apple have an obscure clause which states that anyone who signed up to Apple TV+ more than 3 yeras ago, cannot make use of these vouchers, and in my case, I started my initial subscription on 3 Nov 2019 and therefore was not eligable.

    Who would know that, and why would Apple include such a clause - it's so unfair.

    There is, I was told, a workround and that is to create a new Apple ID or use another existing Apple ID which has not connected to Apple TV+ and connect to Apple TV with that login and apparantly it will work. I haven't tried it yet but for anyone with the same frustrations as me, it might be a workaround solution.
    Wouldn’t say that’s unfair. Most companies allow 1 free trial. A new sign-up is often the work around like people do for Spotify or Audible. Appreciate the heads up
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    If anyone has a Barclays card they offer 5 months Apple TV+ free for their card holders.
    Thanks just signed up I had to Google to find the offer I couldn't see it in my account. All the other apple subs music, arcade etc are available for 5 months free too.
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    Good deal, shame Apple TV is dire
    There's some superb shows on apple tv+ so i disagree.
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    Just signed up thanks. Although it says three months for me.
    Email comes thru as 6 months
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    Signed up yesterday. No email yet.

    However, I noticed quite a few comments saying they had received no contact after weeks / months of signing up.

    Crucial point: You have to OPT IN to email communications in order to receive any offers from them (including, I assume, this offer).
    It’s basically an intelligence test. Only the brightest can have Apple TV for free
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    As pointed out, the page itself says the offer is for (up to) 3 months.

    Where did OP see that it is for 6 months? Thanks.
    Email comes through and is 6 months
    48610825_1.jpg (edited)
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    Signed up few days ago. Received email instantly saying I’m signed up and nothing further for me to do. Received a Curry Perks email today promoting Black Friday deals but no mention of Apple TV+ on it
    same me to
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    There are a few options to redeem once the email comes through. I think the 3 months is for all Apple products, music, TV etc.

    The "up to 6 months" is an option in the redemption email.

    Hope this clears that up.
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    Signed up yesterday, no email received from them about Apple TV, but started getting Spam emails - classic bollocks from Currys (edited)
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    Interesting. I've just signed up again, twice. First one to my works email. Did this using this email account earlier this year, and never got an email back.

    Tried a second time again, this time with firstname.lastname+test@gmail account (which I've done before and never got a response). However on this occassion i changed my name and phone number in the form. And it immediately worked!

    Think they may be looking for duplicate accounts based on names / phone numbers.
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    Both my son and I signed up (different houses) and neither of us have gotten a code.
  15. Avatar
    ...got the email 3 months only, but at least redeemable by 14.02.2023
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    Mine came through this morning so 3 days later. Is 7 days trial and 3 months free. Initial sign up confirmation came thru on spam within hour of signup so double check.
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    I signed up on Sunday and have just received an email with 3 months free Apple TV along with 3 months on news/fitness/music and arcade. Small print says redeem by 14/02/23. Returning customers for everything other than tv get 2 months rather than 3.
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    Never received the perks when I signed up before
    same here. waiting for the 6 months for the purchase i did yesterday.
  19. Avatar
    Says 3 months on the site?
  20. Avatar
    Signed up 10 mins ago, still not receiving any email yet ☹️
    It says the email arrives a few days after sign up. 
  21. Avatar
    No email come thru, how many days it takes to get it, it’s more than 12 hours 
    Just had my email today. So took about 5 day's for me.
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    For anyone that hasn’t already - get this deal and watch Ted Lasso
  23. Avatar
    Signed up, got 6 months
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    Got the confirmation email from Currys perks, whcih says it will take a couple of days to process. Does that mean it take a couple of days to get the code? If not, when can I expect to get the code?
    Hopefully sooner. Some have received straight away
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    I'm assuming this'll be another one where Apple wants your credit card number and it'll be hoping for some inertia sales. Looks like no one on this thread has actually got as far as starting their subscription, if they have please confirm.
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    god apple tv is atrocious literally only thing we found was the film luck. kids loved that. everything else is just pure rubbish. hopefully the christmas film will be ok that comes out soon. definatley wouldnt pay for this.
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    TBH - I am not too fussed if I don't get it - I only ordered some printer paper that I needed.
    I find the lack of an android app disappointing - can't download stuff to a tablet or phone, just have to watch in a browser that randomly requires me to log in.
    Even on FireTv or my LG Tv, the app often fails to save my progress when I stop partway through a program - so I have to fast forward each time to where I left off.
    All the other apps - Netflix, Prime, iPlayer, Disney save the progress just fine and sync between devices perfectly.
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    I never received the follow up email when I signed up earlier this year. Meant to chase but forgot out it.....
    Think you might need to check your communication preferences with them
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    Just got my Apple TV offer after signing up on Saturday. It is only for three months though. Not sure why I bothered though, I've had a smiliar offer before when I bought a new phone. Couldn't find a singl ething on it worth watching. Compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime, it's pretty terrible.
    There are some great shows on Apple TV, worth a binge for a few months
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    Came across this thread, I haven’t signed up for anything but bought Call of Duty for the PS5 at the weekend and got 2 emails from Curry’s today thanking me for my purchase with a link to 6 months free Apple TV and a separate email for £100 off Virgin Wines and something else which I can’t remember but won’t use anyway.

    Very decent indeed.
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    Another one
  32. Avatar
    on the currys link it says upto 3 months
    Others are also finding 6 months on the perks email
  33. Avatar
    And on the Currys site it says 'Redeem via email link by 06.08.22'
  34. Avatar
    Heat added
  35. Avatar
    Says “Redeem via email link by 06.08.22“!
    Curry’s Perks email states redeem by 29/12
  36. Avatar
    Can anyone sign up for Currys Perks? (edited)
  37. Avatar
    Thanks OP, got email through straight away
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    I've just got 5 monthly free through my Barclays account. Started watching Servant, not sure what I make of it yet, hoping to find some decent stuff on it. A few months back I seen something that was only available on Apple TV I wanted to see but for the life of me I can't remember what it was now!!
    Blackbird is amazing and five days in memorial. Lots of others to choose from.
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    Already on another promotion with Apple TV until January. Will this add 6 months to that?
    ...not likely
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