Free urmm... Lanacane Anit-Chafing Gel
Free urmm... Lanacane Anit-Chafing Gel

Free urmm... Lanacane Anit-Chafing Gel

Chafing Gel Samples On-Line Questions

Thank you for inquiring about a sample of Lanacane Anit-Chafing Gel. As part of our continuous programme of product improvement, we would appreciate the opportunity to understand more about you and how you found out about our product. Please answer the few short questions below and we will send out your discrete free sample immediately. Limit: One sample per family.

I point out that this is suppsoed to be anti chafing-gel, but the original lanacane survey website operative transposed the letters and nobody has bothered to tell them.
- mateypeeps


Well, it's a freebie and that's all you should be concerned about loll!

I did this a while ago, never got the free sample. (it's useful if you're a runner, especially as Vaseline can break down the synthetic material used in running gear.)

could do with this as my new thongs are really chafing at the mo....

Could have done with some of this when I ran the marathon. Runners crotch is rather unpleasant!

Should be tiltled "Chubb Rubb"

Does this come with free stick of lard or a mcdonalds.....

Despite being slim, especially when I was running regularly, I have over the last few years suffered from my thighs chafing when I have running shorts or swim shorts on for long - with this I may get the shoes out again...
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