Free US | Canada Telephone Calls @ G Mail
Free US | Canada Telephone Calls @ G Mail

Free US | Canada Telephone Calls @ G Mail

See official gmail blog at gmailblog.blogspot.com/ for more details.

Gmail lets you call phones in US and Canada for free already.

It has just been announced that this deal has been extended for the whole of 2011 - a whole year more (originally only till end of 2010).

Hope people find this useful. I have used it on occasion and found the call quality quite good!



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While it does say its only for US based users - I am able to call without problems while having logged in from the UK.

I've used this when working from home for calling colleagues in the US, works brilliantly.

I've installed Google Voice & Video as described in the website but I have no “Call phone” at the top of theGmail chat list. Is it dependent on having a US IP address?

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Not really sure dwl99. I have never been to the US or used a US VPN address, but I do get the call phone option ...

If you set the language of your GMail account as US English, then it allows it. Admittedly, when I did it, I was in America, but now I'm afraid to change it back in case I lose it!

Thanks, worked a treat!

will give it a go!! thanks OP

Yes it works

Looks interesting, thanks!

this looks great, so to call from the uk to us or canada is free?

my dad could do with this as he runs up a fair bill phoning US

how do you pay for the other calls?
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