Free USB Fornicator
Free USB Fornicator

Free USB Fornicator

Here at boffer we love our customers. The only complaint we have is we dont have enough of them. We would be delighted if there were more of you. We have tried all of the usual methods to get even more loyal customers. Sell stuff cheap, ask our current customers to recommend a friend. Although the results have been good they havent been extraordinary.

Since kidnapping people and forcing them to buy stuff off us is a bit extreme. We have decided that you guys will have to help us by manufacturing new customers. You yes you need to have more children!!! Since cloning is a grey area we are going to have to do it the old fashioned way.

With this in mind we have teamed up with The Shenzhen Cattle Breeding Company to launch by way of a freebie ( thats right at no cost to you) a Brand new product. If you guys like it and approve it. (Remember to post a review) .We will begin marketing it on our sister site bigpockets.


Q) What does it do?

It helps reduce the time it takes to conceive your baby. Nearly all couplewho conceive do so as a result of having intercourse during the six days leading up to an including ovulation.

The USB Fornication Optimizer is the first and only technology based solely on hormone monitoring that provides you with personalized daily fertility for pregnancy planning.

The USB Fornication Optimizer:

1. Displays your most fertile days unmistakably.
2. Identifies your personal level of fertility every day.
3. Tells you which days to test.

The USB Fornication Optimizer Test Sticks are an essential part of the The USB Fornication Optimizer. You will be supplied with 30 free of charge however you will be able to buy additional sticks for a modest sum from our sister site.

The process starts off like most such tests. You pee on the stick. Take the end of the said stick and put it in the into the USB Fornication optimizer. When the light goes blue on the optimizer. Plug it into the USB port on your PC. The inbuilt software displays a graph of the best days to try and conceive. Couldnt be easier really. So get spawning.

Condition: Remanufactured ByThe Shenzhen Cattle Breeding Company
System requirements:

1. For PC Users: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and Vista
2. For MAC users: Mac OS 9 to OS 10

Package Includes:
The USB Fornication Optimizer.
30 Testing sticks.
USB extension Cable
User Manual


I have no use for this so I sent it to my friend's (male) address

Original Poster

Expire this. It's a scam!

im going to a hen night on saturday itll be a good gift for the bride


Expire this. It's a scam!

How do you work that one out! it's not a scam at all!

However there are too many boffer threads now, i'm going dizzy lol

i wrote my reply before seeing the video very funny

Title should be renamed Frree Delivery Boffer since it was a con lol


Expire this. It's a scam!

How can it be a scam?
getting something for nothing cant be a scam, they arent trying to get money out of you?

its not a con its a laugh : )

haha check out the forum on boffer there are people saying they are writing letters to trading standards! What so you want to go to court and say...they said I would get my free cow test usb fornicator and all i got was a free delivery code :(...seriously some people...

Not expired - I've just ordered one.

Why so cold? Ive just ordered no problems. H&R added.

edit: doh! maybe not then, just read it more carefully:

"We have decided to upgrade your order for a free USB Fornication Optimizer for something much better have a look

free delivery "FREEBOFFER"
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