Free USB Modem with Vodafone Mobile Broadband
Work on the movie with this laptop and a FREE Vodafone USB Modem (worth £120) - when you sign up for our (Laptops Direct) 18-month Mobile Broadband price paln, for only £25 per month.

Or, if you don't want to commit to paying monthly, buy the USB Modem for just £99 (exclusively with this laptop) instead, and try mobile broadband for £8.50 per 24 hour UK Session with no line rental. After a month, if you decide to switch to an 18-month price plan, you'll only pay £25 for the first month no matter how many sessions you've had.

Call 08700712840 and quote offer code FREEDOM now!


Very overpriced IMO!

£8.50 a day on payg! t-mobile and orange are £1 a day and can be cheaper if you book in advance. Also credit can be bought for cheaper than face value, ie half price on ebay so effectively it's only 50p a day.

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@Benjimoron & guv,

I do understand its kinda of over priced! But being my first da at Hot UK Deals, I really wanted to contribute something here. May be people who was gonna get them a Laptop at Laptops Direct could (if needed) make use of this.

Hope to post more worth while and real "HOT" deals. Thanks for your immediate reply though


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Thanks for your warm welcome! Sure to contribute more as I move on... !! I am looking for a best deal on Laptop/Desktop .. lemme know if you come across one !!

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