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Free Reuseable Cup from Starbucks with any grande iced drink

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Free reusable cup from Starbucks this Thursday and Friday when you buy a grande iced drink

You can get it free when you order any Grande Iced drink at a participating store on Thursday 18th & Friday 19th April 2024 only.
(Excludes any Frappuccino® blended beverage).

Plus, next time you visit with your reusable cup you'll get 25p off your handcrafted beverage.

Drink in style again, and again, and again. 💜


Subject to availability, up to 235,000 cups nationwide. While stocks last. Free limited edition reusable cup available when you order any Grande Iced beverage at participating Starbucks® stores in Great Britain, on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 April 2024 only. Excludes any Frappuccino® Blended Beverage. 25p Reusable Cup discount will not apply to this purchase. Available when you order in-store or at a Drive-Thru and scan or swipe your Starbucks Card or app, or order ahead using the Starbucks® UK app. Excludes NI. For full terms, click here. Starbucks® UK app available in participating Starbucks® stores, for exclusions, see here. Stars cannot be collected for any purchases made with Starbucks® Delivers.
Starbucks More details at
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  1. Rumman's avatar
    No thanks. Just another way to convince people to spend money on them
    ThingyGuy's avatar
    And to get the customers to pay to advertise for them
  2. frogger77's avatar
    More landfill.
  3. njl30's avatar
    Can you use hot drinks in it ?
    KevinMcComps's avatar
  4. AceDeck's avatar
    No thanks
  5. iainsansom's avatar
    They're getting a bit desperate with the attempt to get people buying from them again aren't they?
  6. Uri's avatar
    No thanks.
  7. bubbabee's avatar
    No thank you!
  8. AleeshaOx's avatar
    No thanks
  9. World's avatar
    Never seen so much negativity around a free cup, we all okay?
    Value4money83's avatar
    you're called world, u need to know what's going on around the world!!!!
  10. KevinMcComps's avatar
    Cold. This only takes cold drinks. Not suitable for hot drinks. I got one last time.

    But I like real coffee too, so I don't really go to Starbucks. (edited)
    Kornelius's avatar
    Yeah Greggs is the place to go (edited)
  11. TheKrakken's avatar
    I’ll pass
  12. zypatel's avatar
  13. bargainHunter324's avatar
    No thanks
  14. VBKing's avatar
    No thanks
  15. angelsapphire's avatar
    No thank you.
  16. oemer.sahbaz's avatar
    I think Sbux somehow adds the cost of the cup to the drink they sell, they did last year.
  17. cherry_blossom's avatar
    Nopety nope nope. No.
  18. frogger77's avatar
    'Handcrafted'??? How else is it made. So pretentious.
  19. Gaurav_Bhatnagar's avatar
    One more oat shaken expresso for me tomorrow then.
  20. sarah000's avatar
    Not for me
  21. AX31's avatar
    Free cup. Cool. Starbucks. Not cool!
  22. colinthepatterpillar's avatar
    Tried to use the 150 free points reward to get the free cup today - no dice
    HashtagGav's avatar
    worked for me, I just ordered ahead on the app using the free drink reward and my drink was served in the reusable cup
  23. fiyero's avatar
    Not sure whether I should try, they sold out soooo early last year and not sure if I want an iced coffee before work!
  24. dan.theman's avatar
    If you're buying cold coffee regularly you are definitely weird
  25. Entombed's avatar
    Is there a list of participating stores somewhere?
  26. Big_Ron's avatar
    I've doubled down on my starbucks buying lately - thank you!
  27. awesomegiles26's avatar
    Looks like all stores around me AVE sold out of the nitro drinks, can only get basic cold coffee or latte
  28. shazam1000's avatar
    Is this on only coffee based drinks?
    awesomegiles26's avatar
    Unsure, the terms just state iced beverage excluding frappacinuos. I suppose tea is a beverage, so maybe iced teas are included
  29. dav31's avatar
    Kinda pointless if its only for cold drinks
    awesomegiles26's avatar
    I only really drink iced coffee, went off hot coffee few years ago
's avatar