Free - USN Tri-Pack

Free - USN Tri-Pack

Found 4th Sep 2010Made hot 5th Sep 2010
Just enter details and will be sent out . Easy (:

Simply fill in the details below, press submit and we'll send you your FREE TRI-PACK containing x1 Xedra Cut Slim Pack Sachet, x1 Cyto Gel Sachet and x1 Vooma Gel Sachet.

1 Pack per person.



Thanks lets see if we get them and if they make a difference in the gym. Lots of Hot

Nice easy freebie, thanks




Brilliant! Cheers!

wierd logo for the things it sells...



Good find!
Be nice if they come before next weekend as I have 100k charity bike ride.
Hope I don't end up looking like some of the people featured on the website!

so how does the fat burning thing work is it safe?


so how does the fat burning thing work is it safe?

The fat burner is just a thermogenic, probably loaded with caffeine. I've used a range of these products and they do work if you use them before exercise, preferably before breakfast. The idea is that these products increase metabolism, increase the rate at which your body burns calories for heat and make it so your body uses fat for energy. As I said, if you use them right you can get some really good results, but if the diet isn't very good and you're not doing exercise then these won't help you. Yeah, these are safe to use. The only unsafe 'fat burner' are ones that contain a drug called Ephedrine which are ilegal in the UK.

NO longer available
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