free v+ hd boxes on the vip package virgin media
free v+ hd boxes on the vip package virgin media

free v+ hd boxes on the vip package virgin media

free v+ hd boxes samsung on certain packages dont forget quidco as well


£77 a month. :shock:

Sorry, cold. Much cheaper on Sky

the porter;5923721

u sure

It is for me.......i'm only paying £60 odd with all their top services.

They've also added the ESPN channels at no cost including ESPN HD and US.

the porter;5923912

nearly £90 when i put the same deal with sky

Pass........i've been with them years.

They've also reduced the cost to people not on the top packages. Now only £49 install if you have M L or XL TV. There's an extra fiver a month if you're on the M or L but no extra if you have the XL pack already.

still no sky sports/movies in hd tho. although they kept shouting those channels would be available in hd shortly (back in late 2008 or early 2009 as far as i remember)

By v+ hd box are you refering to the newer model which looks much nicer than the horrible clunky one i have. Because if not then...i got my v+hd box for nothing as part of VIP...because its part of the deal and always has been.

If your suggesting anyone already on VIP can ring up and get one of these boxes for free then fantastic im going to do that, if not its not a deal.

By the way does anyone know how to go about getting one of the newer boxes, if mine "breaks" will i get an upgrade

id like to upgrade the horrible v+ box i have now, wonder if i can do that.

If you are already a customer then phone up Virgin and threaten to leave. They've always come up with better deals. I'm now paying £50 a month for my VIP package (XL phone, XL TV and XL broad band) and have just had a V+ box installed for £50. The rep I spoke to offered the £50 V+ install very quickly and I do wonder if I could have got it even cheaper than that (maybe a free installation.)
There's loads of info on MSE.

Hi all

I'm currently on the VIP package and have been for a couple of years, i currently pay £102 a month for the following:

XL Phone
Talk Unlimited
Talk Mobile
Talk International
Sky Sports and Movies
2 V+ boxes
1 standard virgin box

Is it worth me giving them a ring and haggling it down a bit. I hear stories of people getting the VIP package for a lot less so am tempted to give it a go.

What do you think?

StockportGerbil, did you just phone up and haggle them down to that price? I know it'll be a bit more as i've got an extra V+ box but that's not worth the extra £50 a month!!!

Youve got the Moble package added on so with the extra V+ box and the mobile package together thats why your paying the extra. Think our contract is up for renewal soon so going to look to haggle, get new box and possibly try and keep the old v+ box for the bedroom and give back the standard one.
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