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Free Vegetables including Carrots, Broccoli & parsnips @ Asda Watford

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Asda watford is giving away free broccoli carrots and parsnips as it has 26th dec best before
They have around 50 baskets full of 20 bags each of 1kg carrots, 20 something in each basket of broccoli and 20 1kg parsnips. Something around 1000 bags of each tbh. Help yourself and give it to someone who may not be able to come and pick it up.


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    I pick these up but they scanned at 30p for me, not free
    You supposed to just walk out with them. They are not going to change the price mid-day to free, you just do not scan them.
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    Same in asda whitchurch, Bristol - perhaps it national (edited)
    It is national, i took images from 2 stores. Mods took it down and started inboxing me a interiagation interview about where i got images from how i obtained them what stores etc etc. 
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    26th dec best before on broccoli

    49133980-fFERC.jpg (edited)
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    All free in my ASDA too. Help yourself.
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    Bought parsnips sprouts and brocoli and carrots at 3.51pm as per my recipt and was charged 30p per pack, no signs anyway etc so the middlesbrough brand of asda certainly arnt giving them away free 'yet' anyway...
    You were unlucky then, most have been doing it since the early afternoon.
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    I think most stores are clearing stock for Xmas as stores will be closed. My partner came back with a carrier bag of carrots and parsnips! Oh well loads of juicing to be done , carrot and ginger juice! Heat added
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    It was nationwide and most had signs saying to take for free. For those that didn't, its likely staff were too busy to deal with the update that dropped late from ASDA House in the afternoon.

    It's not like you missed out on a bargain. The veg was like 20p. This wasn't so much a deal as a way for the company to save on waste (as it does all get wasted)
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    Seems like most or all are doing it
    None in Asda Paignton but there is usually a selection of discounted veg and fruit. still fresh but near or past sell-by date, they also had six pears for 45p back. I recently bought three baskets of plums at 44p each, most of them yet to ripen properly, so go figure. Lidl is brill for fresh but of date bread, BTW, as low as 20p for six rolls or small loaf of bread.
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    Same in Barry but with parsnips too
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    Same in Bromsgrove, also giving away packs of 4 extra special mince pies!
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    Just picked some up at Leyton branch. No limit on how many you can take!
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    Asda Hunts Cross:
    Also lots in Asda Walton.
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    My local Asda also gave away carrots and brocoli. Lovely gesture from them.
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    In bolton loads of sprouts carrots broccoli and parsnips
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    So kind, rip you off all year and give you a couple of carrots at Christmas
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    A nicer gesture would be to give them all to local food foodbanks etc....

    Just saying
    But charity doesn't increase footfall.
    They'll probably be donated in time for the new full price veg to be racked
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    Same in chesser Edinburgh
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    There was no sign of free veg at Asda Barnes Hill Birmingham at 6pm, all appeared to be 30p.
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    Wasn't in asda toryglen sadly!
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    Unfortunately my local Asda is closed today.
    What is the point of a Sunday if you can't go shopping or do DIY?
    Do you live in another universe? It's Christmas day.....everything is closed? I am sure the Asda employees want to spend time with their family?
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    Carrots, Parsnips, Sprouts, and Broccoli Free @ASDA Darlaston

    Possibly National