FREE Vera Wang fragrance sample
FREE Vera Wang fragrance sample

FREE Vera Wang fragrance sample

No one knows the importance of those special memories and shared moments on your wedding day more than Vera Wang, whose strong sense of romance and eye for detail inspires not only her luxuriously-styled gowns but also her classic signature fragrances.

The Vera Wang fragrance is sensual and intimate, symbolising joy, passion and commitment. The first encounter with the fragrance is a flirtation that begins with Bulgarian rose, calla lily and mandarin flower.

The flirtation is followed by a passionate kiss of gardenia, lotus, iris, and white stephanotis, The fragrance is wrapped in a final embrace of sheer musks, white woods, and precious floral nectar.

To claim your free sample of the gorgeous Vera Wang signature fragrance simply click the link to open up an email, enter your name and address and your sample will be sent directly to you.


Thanks for this kazi098.
Hope we get the sample bottle as shown in the page.

:-D Thank you very much

thanks a lot!!!

Thanks for the offer. Seems straight forward and no need to subscribe to newsletters etc. which is good!

Cheers, ordered some for my daughter as she loves smellies!

Thank you. I love these.

Thank you Kazi

Good one. Thanks

Thanks - Grathias - Danke

thank you great freebie

Many Thanks

Fab freebie. Thank you.


Looking forward to receiving this.:)

Thanks for posting.

Original Poster

Received my sample yesterday. Its good.
Its a 15 ml sample bottle (eau de parfum spray).
Gave it to my girlfriend who liked the perfume.
For a freebie its really great.

Original Poster

Thank you all for the reps and the voting.

Received mine today.
Its a 15 ml Spray bottle. Smells good!!
Thanks Kazi.

got mine, gona give it to my girlfriend too. doubt she'll use it

Got mine today. Lovely smell, and a good size sample. Thanks again:thumbsup:

Thanks a lot to the OP. Mine arrived today. I really like the smell. Will definately buy this perfume. Rep given.

Hey, my first ever post! Thanks for the offer. Just sent the email off now. What a great forum!:thumbsup:

Welcome to HUKD Thom.

Sometimes the freebies don't appear but this one seems to be arriving regularly through letterboxes. Hope to receive mine soon.

Original Poster

Welcome to HUKD Thom Morris.
I can confirm that this freebie is genuine as I have received this myself and 2 of my friends have also received theirs too.

thanks a lot!!!

Welcome to the HUKD Forums ]Thom Morris.

Mine arrived today, many thanks ]kazi098

thank you recieved today and gave to a friend

mine arrived today, thanks. rep given :thumbsup:

I somehow ended up with 2! great freebie!

Thank you, mine arrived yesterday and 10 year old daughter had it as she liked it soooo much ;0)

Mine arrived today. Thank you.

Mine arrived last week. Thanks very much. Rep given! Smells good too, actually!

Yep good stuff, hope my missus doesn't want a full size version - its expensive!!

Very Good, Super Find

I've just received another 2 samples :-D Thats four in total now!! :giggle: Has anyone else recieved lots? I'm sure I only applied once. I'm not complaining though!

Just received 2 also but only applied for 1. The second envelope just had our address.

Thanks kazi.:thumbsup:

Mine arrived today. Thank you.

Got Mine........
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