Free Victorinox Fragrance

Free Victorinox Fragrance

Found 30th Nov 2011
Watch the video and then click the button that says "Get your fragrance sample" to get your freebie!
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Thanks. Painfully slow site, but got there in the end!
thanks heat added
Many thanks to OP
Original Poster
Your welcome guys
I bet it its metal filings suspended in oil, so you will smell like a machinist
Thanks, I'm looking forward to smelling like a Swiss army knife
"eau de pocket-knife"
thx x
Yeah I agree it was a bit long winded but should be a nice little something to get in the post. Thanks!
The smell of a slightly oily steel is always a hit with the laydeez. Allegedly.
Thanks, heat added. Such a sluggish site, agreed!
Thanks, heat added.
I know this is VERY late to comment, but i got my sample and really want it (just found it). But i dont know which one it was? like sport and stuff. Did everyone get the sample with black casing?
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