Free Virgin Sim cards (with £5 airtime on each)
Free Virgin Sim cards (with £5 airtime on each)

Free Virgin Sim cards (with £5 airtime on each)

Get your mitts on 2 Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go SIM cards - absolutely free. All you have to do is pop your details into the box below and we'll send them out, free of charge. It's that simple. What's more, we'll throw in £5 airtime on each SIM we send you.

How does it work?You can apply for up to 2 free SIMs, but you're only allowed one application per household. You have to be a UK resident to qualify for the offer and it's subject to availability - once they're gone, they're gone! Delivery is completely free and your SIMs should arrive within 2 weeks of your application. See the legal stuff

What else do I get?£5 free airtime on each SIM card, for starters
Great value calls and texts.
Award winning service
Plus, start earning rewards and get money off your next phone

Dont forget to register them for an extra £2 credit!!
- harlzter


Thanks olavs


:w00t: This is going to be HOT HOT HOT 600 degrees Celsius...

thankyou :thumbsup:

Thanks, last time I bought an Virgin Mobile phone they charged me £10 for the sim card.

Excellent - Voted Hot

Thanks, will come in handy as am thinking of porting to PAYG for while.

Thanks OP, ordered and voted hot,

thanks, brilliant deal. got these last time they done this promo. voted hot.:thumbsup:

vOTED hot!


got this ,heat and rep added ,cheers!:thumbsup:

che:thumbsup: ers

[SIZE=2]nice one thank you[/SIZE]

Many thanks Olav!
This is the best freebie...

I love Virgin for giving free credit on the SIMSto.

Hot! Heat! Rep! Yay!

thanks, just about used the lasts one up

thanks. heat added!!!!!

:thumbsup: great thank you

Thanks, voted hot and ordered

[SIZE=2]Always good to see what numbers arrive.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Some of you will be lucky enough to get one that will Ebay for a good few bob.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Good luck and thanks for the post Olavs.[/SIZE]

Thanks olavs

Doh, I just bought 2 Virgin sims on eBay for about £2 with £2 on each.
This deal is a lot better, and free! haha

Voted Hot

[SIZE=3]Dont forget to register them for an extra £2 credit!![/SIZE]

How do you know which ones are good for selling on pls?

nice one mate

They are very good at sending these out, voted hot.

yep, ordered some !

like all say: hot hot hot

Thanks :thumbsup:

I have switched to Virgin...since they have started sending these free sims with credit....really a good freebie...no other network sends "free sims with credit"....isn't it....???????.....voted hot

Hope they arrive soon...as postal strike starts again from monday...

Thanks OP...:thumbsup:

:santa: Cheers

Voted "hot" thank you olavs!:-D


Thank you. Ordered.

Love these virgin sims. Thanks voted hot

Cheers im on orange now and havent topped up in like 3 weeks lol - think i might switch to virgin as only used orange for orange weds and £5 credit sounds great - im sure theres someway i could transfer the fiver from one to the other card making £10

ta ever so

Thanks very much olavs.

Thanks again, got the last ones as well. HOT

These are great, got 2 last time also...they come with £5 credit and you get another £2 for registering, so £14 free credit in total on these babies! I still have about £10 left from the last lot..thanks to HUKD I can't remember the last time I had to pay for any credit lol
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