Free Virtual Tours of Norfolk Museums

Free Virtual Tours of Norfolk Museums

Posted 12th May
1. Blickling Estate -…ng/
2. Norwich Castle -…697
3. Strangers Hall -…tml
4. The Museum of Norwich at Bidwell -…tml
RAF Radar Museum -…tml
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Insert Partridge quote here
lucas12/05/2020 21:54

Insert Partridge quote here

Rude not to.

Opening scene with Alan walking up a hill:Alan: Hello, I’m Alan Partridge. And I’d like to tell you about a very special place. Whether you know it as “East Anglia”, “The Plump Peninsula”, “Home of the Broads”, although that sounds like a refuge for fallen prostitutes. “Albion’s Hind Quarters”, or quite simply “The Wales of the East”. This is Norfolk.

Alan (Voiceover): It’s been my home for the best part and best parts of my life, and I’d like to introduce it to you. And it to you. Over the next hour in a co-production with the Norwich Council of Traders, I’ll be going on a very emotional journey to discover who, why and what I am. A “Partridge Pilgrimage”, or a “Patrimage”, a “Pilgrimartridge”, a “Partrimilgrimage”.

Alan: Welcome, to the places of my life.…fe/
Norfolkin Way!!! Amazing stuff!!
No Longstanton Spice Museum?
Norfolk in joke
Roger_Irrelevant13/05/2020 00:33

No Longstanton Spice Museum?

Might have something to do with it being in Cambridgeshire not Norfolk.
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