Free Vista guide and 3 issues of PC PRO for £1

Free Vista guide and 3 issues of PC PRO for £1

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Found 22nd Nov 2007
Got this offer through today from PC PRO magazine which seems good to me.

Pay £1 and you get 3 trial issues of PC PRO (not sure if this is the same version as in the shops) and they also send you a free Windows Vista guide.

Seems that by paying £1 you are starting a magazine subscription but it does say you can cancel at any time.

Also, given the issues i am having with Vista, its probably worth paying the £1 for the guide alone!!!

Has anyone else seen the guide? Is it any good?


I got my pants pulled down on the last PC Pro offer (the free tool box).

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Why? what happened?!

Mikey Blue Eyes

Why? what happened?!

I didn't get it and haven't gotten anywhere emailing the jackasses.

i got my toolbox and my 3 copies of PC PRO - i cancelled my subscription (before time) and they sent me a letter confirming the cancellation. so it went ok for me.
BTW can I subscribe again and get this even though I got the toolbox or is it only for brand new customers?

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I guess if you cancelled then you would technically be a new customer again

thats only my twisted logic though but definitely worth a go i say!
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