Free Vita Coco Coconut oil sample
This is back on again. I got it last time and it was two 5ml tubes of coconut oil. 100% raw, organic, cold pressed, extra virgin etc etc

Use it for skincare and cooking, or whatever else you might need to use it for.


I buy this from B&M great stuff, I'm forever cooking with it

Looks like they have ran out.

just requested it and it went through ok. thank op

Thanks Op, samples still available

says run out now

Aw run out

Just ordered now (Friday 1:05am) and was told I'll get the sample within 2 weeks.

I received it some months ago. It is great!


Looks like they have ran out.

Working now Fri 9.45 am Thanks op

All gone!

hot, thanks, just ordered mine but e ery time i order a sample it never comes haha, hoping this time it's different!

On again just ordered
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