Free Voltz energy shot (energy drink)
Free Voltz energy shot (energy drink)

Free Voltz energy shot (energy drink)


Found this in recent issue of Cosmopolitan, free sample of energy drink thing, not sure how much drink you get though, the name shot makes it sound like not much!

Edit to say you have to sign up for the mailing list for it to accept your submission

(even known it says you are not successful like they said i was not. i still got 1 in teh mail 2 weeks later )

just give it a try worked for me


It's probably similar to those advertised on TV at the moment, with something like 59ml, but contains enough caffeine as a strong coffee.

Worth a look for FREE!

Yeah, this is a repost. I got mine end of last week. Not tried it yet but sent for it last time it was posted.

Got mine on monday drank it with no effect what so ever :/)


Sorry Matthew, we've already hit 500 subscribers, better luck next time.

Don't worry though, we'll keep your details on record and make sure you're the first to know when we're next doing a giveaway competition.

Many thanks,

The Voltz Team

p.s If you're interested in trying Voltz then visit [url]www.voltzenergyshot.co.uk/order.html[/url]

hey peeps i got my shot from the last repose funny thing was i drank half yday and half today i have to say honestly i did not notice the difference but because of the marketing it felt like a placebo to me.

The drink is 60ml and is berry flavour it dont taste great to be honest more like a medicine with fruit in my opinion sign up get 1 and post your thoughts.

i have checked the site and must say unless though it is a expensive energy drink

**** out of luck!

too late
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