free voucher for domestos
free voucher for domestos

free voucher for domestos

just found this think its a free voucher for a bottle of domestos or money off, worth ago anyway


[SIZE=2]cant see anything mentioned about a free sample, or coupons or anything. just a sign up for info etc.[/SIZE]

I c no vouchers where is u luckin (:


If you click on promotions you will get a page to fill in your name and address and there is a question that asks what currency you would like the vouchers in - £ or Euro - so I presume that is what is meant.

click on "promotions link"...theres a survey which the last question says "what currency would you like your free vouchers in?"

sorry...beat me to it.

Grathias Patron

I justget a blank page when I click promotions

got there (: if u double click the blank page u get the details page up.......so lets c whot happens (:
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