Free vouchers for up to 2 weeks of a2 milk

Free vouchers for up to 2 weeks of a2 milk

Found 24th Sep 2014
Does your tummy go into a spin cycle when drinking milk? Maybe you feel bloated and uncomfortable after breakfast, or get indigestion when you have milk in your tea?

Lots of people feel the same and many of them assume they are lactose intolerant to milk...but for millions that may not be true. They may in fact be intolerant to the A1 protein found in regular milk.

Why not try our 2 Week Challenge and see if you feel the difference! Just switch to a2 Milk for two weeks and come back and tell us your story below. If you would like vouchers to try a2 Milk just message us via Facebook and we'll send them to you. (Vouchers while stocks last. Ts & Cs apply.)
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This taste no different to usual milk although it is limited to some supermarkets i liked it myself
usually £3.50 for two when on offer…er/ check here first very hard to find this milk
Shame it's face ache based.
adamjamesdavies check here first very hard to find … check here first very hard to find this milk

Hmmmmmmmmm .........

Shame it's face ache based.

Typical! .. & what of the NON 'Face Book' converts out there too ..... (like myself?). :-(

Lol. :-)
I've sent them my message anyway, whether they reply or not I shall have to report back .
Cravendale my fav milk never goes off use every drop x
Page doesn't exist????
For non FB people...could try emailing them at

T&C's do say "Entrants are required to be members of Facebook and can only enter and participate via Facebook" ..but I've emailed them anyway...will see what they come back with...
Being a Non FB person makes you a freak now ?

What a weird old world.
Apparently free voucher offer now closed (via Facebook)

Being a Non FB person makes you a freak now ? What a weird old world.

I think it's weird on the Facebook pages how you have to "like" something to then get it, seen this a lot recently how do you know if you like it till you have tried it! It could be something horrendously bad but by the time you reallise others will have seen you liked it and followed suit, I know you can unlike things but it really bugs me how companies make you like them before you even try a product.

I am new to Facebook only joined recently due to a family event we are planning which just made it easier but I do find some things on there strange.
No stockists in Wales. Shame! I'll have to stick with the sheep milk.
a2 Milk UK
19 September · Edited
WOW! We've had a terrific response to voucher requests, thank you to everyone who got in touch. If you have already given us your address details you will receive 2 vouchers. But now the free voucher offer has CLOSED, any names and addresses sent to us AFTER 5pm GMT on Friday 19th September 2014 will not eligible for free vouchers (this time around!). BUT....

...anyone can take part to WIN a Nespresso Machine - just hit the 2 Week Challenge tab above to share your a2 Milk story with us. Good luck!
this is from their facebook page deal needs expiring
Further to my previous post, I had an email back from their customer care department saying they would gladly send me some vouchers. Worth a shot if you still want to try this milk out.
Cravindale is the best milk ever 8 pints for £3,00
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