Free wagyu beef burgers at Ichibuns soho London Friday 8th September 5pm for 500 people

Free wagyu beef burgers at Ichibuns soho London Friday 8th September 5pm for 500 people

Found 5th Sep 2017
"New Japanese-inspired high-end fast food joint Ichibuns (from Busaba and Nobu man Robin Leigh, not Alan Yau) is opening this week and to celebrate, they’re going to be giving away 500 FREE burgers. Yes you could get your hands on a wagyu beef blend patty topped with cheese, gherkin, red onion and barbecue sauce on the house and all you gotta do is be one of the first 500 people through the door from 5pm on Friday. Simple.

Fri 8th September 2017

22 Wardour Street, London W1D 6QQ"
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That look yummy! Heat added but I am in the Midlands.....
Sweet, I work on wardour street. Next door to 100 wardour
Damn, look at all that fat stacked inbetween two slices of bread.
Does Ichibun sound similar to 'Ichy Bum', just so I know I'm saying it right
"So let's raise some magnificent cattle which produce some of the best tasting and textured meat on the planet. But wait, let's also mince it and throw in loads of other strong ingredients so that the meat's flavour really pops out..." Another classic example of marketing triumphing over sense.
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What is beef blend
Probably 5% wagu with 95% crap
Ooh nice
Cold, I live in Aberdeen. No hope of enjoying this free treat without a flight, train or bus.
These deals should be banned....oh wait no they shouldn't. HUKDs only means it's deal in the UK, they don't have to be national. In which case Scorchio for those lucky 500.
pharmat1 h, 27 m ago

Probably 5% wagu with 95% crap

Just a gimmicky name used for everyyyyyyyyy single 'Japanese' place.
No such thing as a free lunch....some other poor wagyu is paying.... wagyu be good or bad
fatty freebie,,
I don't get the point of Wagyu burgers. The thing that makes a proper Wagyu steak so good quality is the marbling... which is lost completely when you mince it. Regular beef mince already meets the ideal 20% fat ratio for burgers so extra fatty mince provides no benefit.

Assuming the 'juice drink' standards also apply to meat, this could be as little as 10% Wagyu (or rather Australian Wagyu where the Japanese cattle are bred with Australian cattle)
I can imagine it now - huge crowds waiting hours in line for this. No thanks!
Ichibuns? Whoever thought that name up!
Did a search and it's also worded Ichi Ban, Ichi-ban, Ichi-bun - seems they can't make their mind up.

First search on google came up with NHS Itchy bottom!

Might has well called themselves Crapbuns

or Crap Ban, Crap-bans, Crap-buns

I'll give it a miss.
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Almost makes going down to London seem worthwhile...
Eat at ichibuns and get an itchy bum .....
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