free water hardness test strip

free water hardness test strip

Found 9th Jul 2012
Hard water results in limescale build-up in domestic appliances and can affect the taste and appearance of hot drinks or food. Are you interested in the water hardness of your drinking water? Request your free water hardness test strip here. In addition, the harder your mains water, the more you will benefit from a BRITA water filter.
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Just about to move house - would be good to have this info.
Hot from me, easy to fill out form to get useful info, lets hope the strip itself is as simple to use
Hardness, tehehehehe
Thanks. Dispatched already?
your local water company will tell you your water hardness, which you may need to dial into your dishwasher so that it does the right dosage when softening.

cambridge water provide their information here:

more useful stuff here:…ess
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A good strip tends to get me hard.
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