Free Water Saving Devices
Free Water Saving Devices

Free Water Saving Devices

Saving water isn't only for times of drought; we cannot afford to waste this precious resource at any time. To help save water many companies in the UK offer free devices to be placed in your toilet cistern, meaning that you use less water every time you flush. If you local water company does not offer such a device it is possible to put a brick or large pebble in your cistern to acheive the same effect. Be careful that anything which you put in the cistern does not affect its working.

Anglian Water offer their own free 'Freddie Frog' water saver device.
Cambridge Water offer a free Hippo or Hog to place in larger cisterns.
Folkstone and Dover Water Services will give their customers a free Hippo water saver.
Save-a-flush bags are provided free of charge to customers in the Southern Water water supply area.
Essex and Suffolk Water offer a free Save-a-Flush.
Portsmouth Water offer customers in it's region a free Save-a-Flush Bag.
South Staffordshire Water offer a free Hippo.
Customers of South West Water can apply for a free Hippo or Hog water saver.
Tendring Hundred Water customers can request a free Hippo bag water saver.
Thames Water will send one Save-a-Flush or Hippo Water Saver to anyone in the UK who requests it, more to their own customers.
United Utilities will send you a free Save-a-Flush or if you apply by phone will send you a watersavers pack.


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none of the links work on this page


none of the links work on this page

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Link worked well for me and ordered a water saving device. Thank you.

Three valleys offers.....NOTHING

thames water dead link

if you are ordering from thames water just go on there website and order on there it works on there i have just ordered forty five of each of the hippo water savers just have to wait 20 days now
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