Free water widget save up £100 water bills
Free water widget save up £100 water bills

Free water widget save up £100 water bills

Just 1 per household. I received mine this morning very easy to install (it doesn't seem very different the water flow it's just more noisey let's see if we really save.....)

about the offer

Help save the planet from the comfort of your own shower
Save energy, water and carbon
Turns your shower into an eco-shower
Save up to £100 on your utility bills

Express Web Order (Takes under 1 minute to apply )

Amazingly domestic water heating is responsible for 5% of UK CO2 emissions, and 25% of your household energy bill. If we can reduce the amount of hot water required in the home we can help to reduce significantly your annual carbon emissions footprint. In partnership with your local energy provider we can help achieve this aim of reducing your carbon footprint by offering every home in the UK a free Water Widget.
Fitting the Water Widget to your shower can make a real difference. The Water Widgetcuts wasted water and energy bills and carbon whilst still maintaining the performance of your shower so you don't even notice the difference.
Save the planet from the comfort of your own shower.

Performance is the key to the Water Widget success.
Standard water saving devices such as restrictors or regulators relies on cutting back the water flow which obviously just results in a poor shower. Using the Water Widget patented technology we have managed to combine real water and energy saving with performance. We have put the performance back into water & energy saving.

Water Widget is not suitable for low flow showers and not recommended for electric showers. Only 1 per household across all offers and excludes households who already own a water saving shower device. Offer available in UK only excluding Northern Ireland.

If you or any member of your household is over 70 years of age or on any benefits you may be eligible for other free energy saving product offers so tick the contact me button on the apply now page to make sure you are kept informed of these free offers. .


So if it does not affect flow - how can it save water use? These companies are just making money by grabbing grants paid by the tax payer and consumer to flog total rubbish to people.

according to their website I have already received one, but I dont remember asking for it lol

Despite criticising water restrictors, that's exactly what this looks like - screws on to your current fitting on one end, has a narrower middle section, then an external screw thread to connect to your shower hose.

The FAQ shows how it is assembled, and it certainly restricts the flow in the middle section

I don't understand widgets like this. Simply reduce your usage. Take a regular quicker shower, wash up using as little water as you can, turn the tap off between teeth brushing, etc. etc. I don't need this or want this.


modern day snake oil which costs all of us money in our green tax bill from utility companies. Would love to know how much they add on to our bills for each one of these 'freebies'!

£300 per year each for all of these 'green initiatives' apparently.

This item if used correctly can help reduce water bill.
It reduces water flow but increase the water pressure. A bit like putting your finger at the end of a garden hose.
Good for people who are on a water meter.
For people who are not on the meter, this device is still good. Even if this does not save you money you will be playing a big part in saving the environment.

And for csiman... the government has placed an order to all utility companies to reduce their carbon footprint with a target by 2020. If not then utility companies will be fined.
For this reason utility companies are forced to pay for and distribute items like this.

There is no gimic involved. Your tax don't go to utility companies and your bill has not risen to £300 extra to pay for this.
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