Free Way To Download Software Without Hassle @ Ninite.com
Free Way To Download Software Without Hassle @ Ninite.com

Free Way To Download Software Without Hassle @ Ninite.com

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"Just pick your apps and click Get Installer.
Ninite does the rest — fully automatic. "

This doesn't offer any new software, and many of you may be aware of this site, but i got shown it today and it is very useful. Especially if you are setting up a new PC.

Simply check the boxes of the programs you wish to install (the majority of the things you will need are here); web browsers, messaging, media players, codecs, runtimes, imaging and editing, documents, security, file sharing, utilities, compression, dev tools and even things like Steam, Google Earth or Dropbox.

Ninite installs all the programs you want, selecting the launguage of the pc for you, selecting the 32/64bit version automatically, bypasses toolbars and additional downloads, installs the latest version, skips downloading if it is already on the computer and upgrades it if it is out of date!

Seems like a great site and definately worth bookmarking for future use!


Not a deal mate. Appreciate that youre trying to spread good advice, but not the right medium.

Very handy as just about to set up a new pc.

Thanks.... but not a deal
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thankyou (_;)

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hmm i suppose it depends how u define it! it is the free section after all, i saw firefox and Microsoft SE2 and Malwarebytes which have always been free and got heat here so thought i would post

And it is a software too
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Installer updates, according to their website, so seems a good option. Download.com probably has all the stuff, but the way this site lays it all out, on 1 page, seems simple, so thanks for posting!
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