Free Website Domain & Hosting @ Gbbo
Free Website Domain & Hosting @ Gbbo

Free Website Domain & Hosting @ Gbbo

get a free website with your choise of domain if you own a buisness


This is good but you could sell it to our members better than the short description you did lol

If you sign up, be prepared for a sales call from BT tradespace though.

The free toolkit showing some optimisation tricks and tactics is worth a look too - availabe through the gbbo.co.uk link

I got the call several months after setting up a site - took me a while to remember what my business was! Good offer.

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sorry guys my first post , and yes you do get a call from bt but then u just say please dont ring me again and they wont

been posted a few times, you will also need a mobile number they can text to authenticate i think from memory
have one for aprrox 1 year now, free and worth signing up for the email side alone my web site is rubbush though i have to admit , and no im not posting a link to my site!!

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yeah u do need a mobile they need 2 send u a confermation txt with a code on it

This has been listed on here many times already


I Signed up for this about a year ago. Excellent and the calls from bt are easy to stop. Once you get the free domain name you can change the nameservers and point it to any free website hosting services i.e 000webhosts

Two things.
1. To change your name servers you need to send a request, but they will do it.
2. They will call you constantly "offering help" which is pretty annoying.


How is it that you stop the calls?

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when they ring just tell them to delete ur number:)
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