Free weekday tickets to the London Motorshow - code for 4 tickets
Free weekday tickets to the London Motorshow  - code for 4 tickets

Free weekday tickets to the London Motorshow - code for 4 tickets

this code has just worked for me to get 4 weekday tickets to the Motorshow.


This is for a family ticket but I haven't seen anything that says it has to be 2 adults and 2 children.
EDIT - this is definately for 2 adults and 2 kids tickets.


Nice one.



anyone found out if it has to be 2 adults and 2 children? Does it have to be 4 people in total or can me and my mate just use it? 2 people?

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I will print my tickets and check - but I think you print out 4 pages. One ticket on each page with an individual bar code. I'll let you know.

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Ok - the tickets do say - one part of a family ticket on each one and yes they are for 2 adults and 2 children. I don't think they could argue with you though if you just use the adult ones. You could say the kids didn't want to come at the last minute, or they had a better offer of something to do.

One tip for you guys. If you enter from the bridge across the dock you would probably get away with 4 adults for the family tickets. Because its just 2 bored guys manning the bridge entrance and they don't bother checking the printed tickets, they simply see if the number of tickets match the number of people.

Even if you enter from the main entrance at Excel side, they don't always check as my friend managed to get 4 adults in with their family tickets. :whistling:

got some tickets for the weekend, son and hubby went, he said it's just like a big cars show room with girls/sales staff/promoters hanging arround, it not like the old day with lots of interesting cars to see and freebies to pick up. Wouldn't have gone if we had to pay, not worth it!

Moving it from the N.E.C. was stupid as it's now in one of the most awkward places to get to in Britain.I used to go to them all in Birmingham,wouldn't dream of going now.I actually live nearer to the new venue but getting there is so difficult.


A good mixtue of new cars, classic cars, trade stands, displays & outside live action areas, all in a good venue with air con, clean tolites & places to eat.

Vauxhall, Hyundia, Ford, Kia, Chevy, were all giving away stuff - from free ice creams to beach bags


Many thanks... just ordered.

1400 hrs Tuesday.....Sold out ..... yet again too late:-(

we went yesterday. My 11yr old son loved it!! he was so desperate to see his fave cars in the flesh so to speak. Had a great day out.
We even had a go at the drift experience...my fave thing so far beside bungee jumping. it was fantastic! My sons new ambition is to be paid to drift cars all day like the guys that drove us around.

I would recommend it if you like your cars, personally i dont. But seeing the look on my sonsface when he found another car he loved was priceless...especially the Zonda ff?

it was fab ! worth it - nice venue although a little awkward to get to. Dont expect lotsa freebies tho. Lots to see although dissapointed that BMW, VW and AUDI were not there! :thumbsup:
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