Free weekend for ESO on xbox one.
Free weekend for ESO on xbox one.

Free weekend for ESO on xbox one.

Play ESO free from 23 november to 27 November on xbox one. Sorry guys firts post couldn't upload image.


Here's a link news.xbox.com/201…ter

80GB tho...sheesh. Heat tho as I'll spend all day downloading it for sure xD

will take you all weekend to download

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Well that's a lot of gigabytes to download

That's a lot of gig for a free weekend bro! heat added tho!

Unfortunately, only for those with Gold.

^^^ I would expect that given it is MMO, though thankfully no longer has its own subscription costs on top.

It would be fun to try, but I'm not prepared to download 80GB for a trial. Rather than give the entire game in a download, where most new players will just explore around where they start, I would be quite content with a greatly reduced area (and therefore download size) to play around in and get a feel for the game. If I like what I see I would be temtped to buy the full game, and then put up with the huge download for all content.
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