Free weekend of access

Free weekend of access

Found 22nd Feb 2014
Free access to this weekend - 1 billion records, no credit card details required.
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Thanks, very useful
how do you access this .. still saying sign up for a free trial
How do you actually use this? All I've found is a birth record for my mother. I supplied this information anyway so don't really see the point in this website?
you only get a free trial and have to give card detail! how did poster do this without card details.
"*Access to the records in the featured collections will be free until 23.59 GMT on 23 February 2014. To view these records you will need to register for free with with your name and email address. We will then send you a user name and password to access the records. After the free access period ends, you will only be able to view the records in the featured collections using an paid membership. To see a full list of the records in the featured collections please click here."

Ancestry is a fantastic site for family historians, if you want to know what records are available, go to the home page, click on Search and select Card Catalogue. The very extensive list of records will then be shown.
Full access for me, birth, death, marriage certificates etc, without any cc info. Thanks op.
The direct link is…ess - as Peruser notes you'll need to sign up, but no credit card details needed.

Using Ancestry is quite easy - and the real benefits come when you start going back further in time than immediate family. Taking JJMPSP's example, why not go look at your grandparents (or great grandparents) were doing at the time of the 1911 census – see where they were living, what they were doing, and (normally) what the head of household’s handwriting looked like.
I traced my family back as far as I could, to the mid 1800s, I was fortunate enough to know my great grandparents names. So I started there, I found them on the 1911 Censuses as children, noted their parents and siblings names and approximate birth years and worked backwards, found older censuses where their parents were children and did the same again.

A lot of families back then lived either together in the same house until children were born or lived on the same road or immediate area.

It definitely works, if you build your family tree on the site it cross checks records and shows you potential matches to relatives, via this I was able to find living relatives of my mothers through other members family trees.

Unfortunately the records only really go back to the mid 19th century so I couldn't trace relatives back further than where and who they lived with in 1851, I have their year of birth in the 1700s but I think you have to trace through Parish records for older details.

Be warned though, it is very interesting, quite addictive and rewarding once you start to get results, you look at censuses and think to yourself "that was actually written by my relative all them years ago"
useless, only for England and Wales

useless, only for England and Wales

That hardly makes it useless.
not useless, however my ancestors are Scots, so little use to me.
We're fortunate in England and Wales that records are *fairly* decent - census records back to 1841 and some quite good parish archives can be found. Scottish birth/marriage/death records are harder to get hold of - and both Ancestry and FindMyPast are decidedly lacking. However, if your relatives happened to venture out of Scotland you might pick them up on a England/Wales census or on passenger lists on international ships/military service. Doesn't cost anything to do a quick search!

Whilst IMO is the best genealogy resource, as a reminder (and I don't recall it being posed on HUKD) for England and Wales both freecen and freebmd are always free.
Go to your local library most of them have free access to ancestory
Well according to this thread it states the website is offering free access. It is somewhat very limited access and is still of little use unless you subscribe.

keeps taking me to the subscription page when I try and search anything which may come in useful.

Also the site is so difficult to navigate. You are best going to the library.
I don't like my family.
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