Free Which? PC Magazine, Problems Solved/Easy Use Guide! FREE

Free Which? PC Magazine, Problems Solved/Easy Use Guide! FREE

LocalFound 26th Jan 2009
Hope this will help someone, I saw this on a tv advert and I rang up which? free phone on:

0800 380 380

and you get the which? PC Problems Solved Guide for Free over the phone. I picked this up for my mum who is a PC novice and it has helped her a lot. Which? are a massive company so feel safe when calling, there are of course some promotional stuff that they offer you, just say no and have your PC guide for free!

What you get:

Easy Use PC Guide, expert advice to help you get more from your PC. Key features include: Digital images - your questions answered. Everything you need to know about Anti-virus software. Top internet tricks and tips. Comprehensive jargon-buster and easy to understand advice.
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Should be in Freebies

I'm sure the booklet will be useful for beginners, but to be honest, it is only filled with stuff that you can find on Google. What an terrible advert on TV!

Voted hot only because it is free and maybe of use to someone.
Which are often difficult to deal with. They rarely give anything for free - they insist on taking all your details, and often insist on you taking out a subscription which "you can cancel at any time". No subscription = no freebies (despite saying otherwise). Cold, I'm afraid. A once worthy organisation has become one of the worst.
i found that out myself no subscription = no freebies
WHICH are forever advertising different 'Free' guides/booklets.
Nothing Free whatsoever about them. If you don't give all your details (for Spamming, probably) and agree to Trial subscriptions then they don't send you anything.
Ignore any so-called 'freebies' from WHICH.
sorry but ..... COLD !
[COLOR=purple]Agree with the above, had a phone call from which and they tried SO hard to get my bank details for subscription that I put the phone down on them.......voted [COLOR=deepskyblue]COLD[/COLOR][/COLOR]
Disagree with above. I have subscribed to Which many times on trial basis. Never received any spam from them. Always had to give card details though. You have to remember to cancel after trial period, which has been easy enough always. Single e-mail and reply within 24 hours. No problem there. It is a useful website/magazine though especially for people who are new to the UK market and systems.
and its the same as 2 years ago but with a different cover, but could come in useful if you have a problem, but they are awkward ******* on the phone though:thumbsup:
I asked for the freebie, but didn't want to receive the rest of the clutter they offered - no freebie arrived.
How do I get a hold on a free pc guide as I have a laptop but not to sure what I'm doing with it and I need some help
Took a few weeks, but my booklet arrived today, and it looks quite useful. I thought they weren't going to send it because I said `no' to all the other suggestions. But it came! There is hope yet for the world!
I noticed an advertisement on television last week offering a free troubleshooting guide for PCs & laptops.
Having searched your website for same a page was displayed stating that the offer had expired and was four years old.
i could really do with magazine , i,m having trouble with getting an acceptable password for my email account . is anyone else out there having same problem. i,m a sky customer.
free computer guide
its been over two weeks since I prescribed no mag what a drag and they talked me into paying 3 pounds for extras that I was told I may need, so much for free mag on tv add, which what a con.
3 Mulgrave waik Redcar ts104lb
Asked for pensions mag, declined offers and £3 sign up, still going to send mag out so will wait and see!
It's not free?! I want to send it to my friend as a prank
Which mag free? What a load of **** it is only free until you get the invoice.
Which magazine has started collecting monthly subscription of £10.75 that I did not authorise. I authorised £1 for one ff magazine since then they claim I have given them permission to collect £10.75 every month. I complained to my credit card company who seem to think that I had entered into a recurring charge by giving them my card detail for a one off purchase of £1. This is daylight robbery. Hope this helps others to avoid this magazine at all cost. I am going to send a complaint to the trading standard soon.
If the magazine is "free", why don't they just upload it onto YouTube or some similar site ?
Thot id download the app but thy want subsciption fee wat a bloody joke!! So much 4 them awarding companys wat about looking at themselves ??
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