Free Whiskas Kitten Food
Get a free whiskas kitten pack.


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Added note for those with Quidco =>

Whiskas Campaign

Get a free Kitten Care Pack from Whiskas. After completing the on-line application form you should receive it within 28 days. The pack contains Whiskas® Kitten Pouches, valuable money-off coupons and The Best Start In Life - a comprehensive guide packed full of helpful advice on all aspects of looking after your kitten, from health care and nutrition, to what to do in an emergency. And it's all absolutely free. Whiskas have long been established as one of the premier premiere brands of cat food in the UK. As well as cat food they also offer many other services from regular newsletters, to tips on acquiring pet insurance to protect them from any misfortune. The kitten must be under 6 months old to qualify as a kitten
For genuine tracked transactions completed wholly online, you can earn:

£1.45for a new registration for a Kitten Care Pack


I posted this with the info about getting quidco for it

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