Great deal free wifi in pizza hut!!! First post so be kind!!


Might as well make your next post 'free air.'' Would probably be hotter than this anyway...

voted hot - always good to have somewhere else to get free wifi

i actually did not know this. cheers OP.

Mmmmm greasy finger food and smartphone/laptop:(

Thanks for letting us know op

Handy to know where there's free wifi for those times when your stuck without a connection

Great my lot really don't need any more excuses to go there

Did you know OP that they also have PIZZAS ???:)


Did you know OP that they also have PIZZAS ???:)

Ah, but you've gotta pay for them!

Original Poster


Did you know OP that they also have PIZZAS ???:)

Well done you mug

dunno why this is cold or why people are leaving arsey comments - always good to know where a free connection is available - thanks OP

voted hot did not know about this

well you can just go in and sit on your laptop or whatever it is free wifi if you buy food

Made your post hot for you. Many people didn't know this, so it is a helpful post....
This is what I hate about this site, people get slammed into flames for posting useful information which may be obvious to some, well the world just doesn't work like that, so shame on all of you...

i find the thermometer voting eratic on this site so i have given up paying any attention to it. i make my own decisions now as to whether a deal is hot or not as listening to other people's opinion on here is pretty much useless.

similar deals can be 500 degrees apart in opposite direction. no logic to the voting at all.
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