Free Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Razor

Free Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Razor

Found 25th May 2007
Found in T3 this month - "25,000 FREE Quattro Titanium Razors". Go to the website and apparently enter the promotional code "QTT3" 'into the designated area', but it looks like anyone that registers gets a freebie - worth a go!
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I signed up for one of these last time Wilkinsons offered these. Never did arrive.
What "designated area"?
o0o0o0o mine arrived last time i signed up

What "designated area"?

i have no idea! the site seems to imply that the "register for updates" section will result in you receiving a free razor, but that doesn't have an area for a code - i added it to the original post just incase they change the site or something.

also it looks like if you register on the "quattro titanium energy" sub-site they're giving away 44 of the vibrating razors each month..
if you have already registered last time then you cant again - i just tried as i didnt get the razor last time i signed up
Click register then bottom left click free sample and enter your details in.
the gillettes are much better but hey this is free
I really wouldn't bother quote from site:

Experience this fantastic shave for yourself. We’ve got 44 Quattro Titanium Energy razors to give away each month. All you need to do is register your details to go in to the prize draw to win.

Somehow I think the odds of getting anything will be low...
the free sample is the only link that doesn't respond:x
Dont bother! I applied last time and nothing arrived. Used different addresses of family members and not even one turned up!!! Not much of a good deal...
we got 3 one for each of us
isnt working now but ordered before and 2 that i ordered came ! Excellent kit too !!
Thanks :thumbsup:
Think this one has expired - says "Competition is now closed" when you click the link on the main site.
You can still get a free one if you request a free sample!
Its a monthy draw with 44 up for grabs.
Thanks for the post shtam. As this is the OP, I have removed Digi's thread
Mine never came the last time
hope this one doesnt come with a monkeymag (adult mag) advert on the back too
I received my one today, just as sturdy as the women's one I got the other week
Mine came today also, looks great! Got it for my dad!
Mine came today, Could give it my dad as a fathers day present if im that tight xD
I got mine last week
Mine received today ta!
Came today!
Great deal!
Came yesterday these should be around £6 in shops

Great Deal!
I got mine today too!
got mine yesterday, its a good razor.
Got mine this morning, postie was like 'this is for men' haha. my legs are now smoothy smooth and my brother is jealous i got it for free. voted hot! haha
Got mine, and im keeping it for myself too. My boyfriend wants it, but i am NOT handing it over, it will be great for my legs!! ha ha ha
its over.
Got mine today! Thank you :thumbsup:
:thumbsup: Got mine too
Wouldnt fit through the letterbox but collected from the depot today lol
still not got mine, (the postie looks clean shaven though):giggle:
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