Free Windows Vista 2 Beta CDs
Free Windows Vista 2 Beta CDs

Free Windows Vista 2 Beta CDs

Follow the link and use the answers below:

Answers: (1).Vista (2).Clarity (3).November 2006 (4).True (5).Aero (6).All (7).All (8 ).512


Thanks for this the.capt Useful...

Thanks for this.
Took a while to register and all that, but thanks :P

Thnx for this :thumbsup: .

thx great find

Wont accept my phone number! Argh!

cheers, been wanting to test this beasty out



Wont accept my phone number! Argh!

Accepted my mobile number, just split the six digit bit between the last two boxes.

Great find, lets just see if we actually get the software as this site seemed to be aimed at corporates?

excellent find capt....:thumbsup:

wait until RC1 is released, only 1 month to wait, will be much better quality than beta 2.

Good find captain!

I did read, however, that this Beta version could not "upgrade" to the full version when it comes out. It will require a fresh install.


Thanks the.capt Great find..

Great stuff, thank you!

had 11 goes at registering. keep getting 'Unknown Error' every time. Maybe it is because I don't want Microsoft contacting me and giving my details out to everyone, but I just gave up in the end.

Cant wait to spend another £100 to beta test the attempt they actually release for the next couple of years.

Give Bill Gates my personal information, I don't think so. I have a reminder penned inside my tinfoil hat reminding me never to do that. Is that a black helicopter I can hear....?

[SIZE=2]License free since '93 ;o)[/SIZE]


[SIZE=2]License free since '93 ;o)[/SIZE]

I understand MS have given up on all the snooping and strong arm tactics to persuade people to go legit and instead Bill is having the BSA just damn well kill people in their beds as a warning to others. Just right too - if theres one thing Sir William deserves its more money!!

Tried to register. Derry/Londonderry doesn't appear to exist on list according to microsoft.
Are they trying to tell me something

Thank you. Missed the last beta

This link is something to do with Microsoft INDIA so we may not get anything

thanks for this, registration went through smoothly - though I may never install it

I think if you can use your Microsoft Passport or Hotmail account to receive it. At least that's what mine accepted for it.

careful though i'm sure this s/w requires super-duper PCs to run..

Why do people keep knocking windows? The majority of us are using it right now to sur t@@@@@@@@@@@@@vi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Sorry about that, BSOD. Just had to reboot XP to "last known good configuration that worked" - I presume that means 98SE ;o)
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