FREE WIRELESS PRINTER - with BT total broadband + £50 cash

FREE WIRELESS PRINTER - with BT total broadband + £50 cash

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Found 19th Nov 2007
FREE Wireless Printer!

BT Total Broadband, the UKs best performing broadband service3, is available from just £8.95 a month for the first six months4. Sign up to BT Broadband and you can apply for a Welcome Cheque of up to £501

BT Total Broadband also offers the revolutionary new BT Home Hub8. The BT Home Hub allows you to bring together all your communications. This means you can go wireless, play games online and surf securely. You name it, the BT Home Hub will handle it and all from one small, simple-to-use box.

With download speeds of upto 8Mb9, getting online couldnt be easier (Top speeds depend on a number of factors including distance from exchange).

Step 1: Apply for your BT Total Broadband
Step 2: Once your BT Total Broadband service has been activated, redeem your welcome cheque completing step 2 on the Broadband page
Step 3: Visit to redeem your FREE Printer


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Not sure why the link isnt working but type in google - free printer with bt broadband and click on the barclays offer on the first page

Link should work now, under different merchant

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i tried a offer like this last year for a free xbox wireless adapter and they screwed me over and refused to give it


Try ringing BT's broadband customer service or fault line to give you an idea of the service you will get. Two weeks my Mum has been calling / emailing after two bills of £104 and £324. They haven't even connected her yet after 3 months of waiting. The company is a disgrace.

The Sales line answer within a minute but just refuse to transfer you then hang up once they know its not for a new sale.

Free printer is a lexmark

They can stick their Lexmark where the sun doesnt shine!!!

The service offerered by BT is dire, and it looks like I will have to buy myself out of their ****** contract.
About time we had clear honest open internet pricing, and realistic speed promises.

"up to 8mg" :giggle: Sorry rant over
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