Free World Of Gardening DVD
Free World Of Gardening DVD

Free World Of Gardening DVD

You can enjoy GardenAdvice.co.uk to the full by becoming a member. Membership is free and gives you the quickest growing range of benefits for your garden including, Free World Of Gardening DVD and Free Quarterly Magazine, Free Video Gardening Calendar By E-mail and more.

Free Priority Advice By E-mail - Anyone can request gardening information from GardenAdvice.co.uk, but as a member, our reply to you will receive priority. Remember that with our 180 years gardening experience within GardenAdvice.co.uk, we should be able to help and if we cannot, we are sure to know someone who can.
Free Video Gardening Calendar By E-mail - At the beginning of each month, we will e-mail you our gardening calendar with all the jobs you need to do in your garden. The calendar contains video and audio media links relevant to gardening jobs contained in the calendar.
Free " World Of Gardening" DVD and Free Quarterly Magazine - as a member you will receive a free copy of the "World of Gardening" DVD containing our most recent gardening videos, plus a copy of the GardenAdvice.co.uk`s downloadable magazine each quarter.



Thank you.

thanks will come in handy

What is this 14 days trial?
I unchecked it but still got saying 14 days trial.

Heat added. Nice website n great help is being provided.

* Our until the end of December 2009 sign up for our free 14 day trial of our MyGardenTeam service and receive 2 free gardening books - MyGardenTeam is a simple idea that provides you with your own online gardening expert in the form of a fully trained expert gardener to give you advice on your gardening questions and projects on an ongoing bases. Plus additional assistance if you needed with a helping hand to get you started on a garden task or to rescue a gardening project thats gone slightly stray. please note this service is currently only available in the UK.

Free trial for 14 days - see how having your own gardening expert can help you achieve more from your garden !!!
Its your very own gardening expert available to give you personal advice and assistance by telephone, email and garden visits* for just £39 per year

looks like it has exspired as the 14 day trial was till the end of december 2009
so by looking at this after the 14 day trial you then pay £39 a year
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