FREE Worldwide Postage at The Book Depository.
FREE Worldwide Postage at The Book Depository.

FREE Worldwide Postage at The Book Depository.

Fantastic Bookseller that offers free worldwide postage - great for sending gifts to the far reaches of the planet. I ordered hUGE Design book that would have cost me £25 to post to the usa for £25 delivered

Prices are fantastic too - Keith Richards book is £9.99


This has been their policy for as long as I can remember, no doubt its good but does it really warrant posting on here?

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Well yes it does - people are shopping for xmas gifts to send around the world and might not know about it. I didn't hence i posted it.

I'm grateful. I usually resort to using amazon.ca for my Canadian girlfriend; pleased to know about this option. Thanks.

thanks op, never knew they shipped wordwide..
but i;m too late for usa, last day for shipping was 10th dec..
will try and remember for next year..


Always been this way. They take FOREVER and watch out, their system often charges you twice.


Please close this thread.

I ordered every single one of my presents for the family in Ireland from these guys , im praying that everything arrives on time but im dreading the worst . I was in Dublin last week and its chaotic already with the snow , all back streets are like the lunar surface with Ice 1ft deep and huge craters to get stuck in !
Snow on way this week too ... , i highly recommend their site , Its the cheapest anywhere even cheaper than its sister site Amazon . Have used many times because of the cheapness and moreso the free delivery .

Just don't be suprised if you don't get the book. I ordered a book that was marked as "in stock", they took the money straight away, a week later it hadn't arrived so I went online to check the status... "out of stock". I waited another week before emailing them, no response. I emailed them again every week for the next 4 months, until eventually the money ended up back in my account. They never once emailed back, not even an automated response.

I guess they're cheap-ish because they have no customer service department?
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Have it on good advice that Waterstones use them sometimes as its cheaper to use them that post a book themselves.

Great - thanks for sharing. There will be plenty of people unaware of this site regardless of whether it has always been like it.


IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS !Please close this thread.

I think that's a bit harsh. I didn't know they offered free worldwide delivery - thanks for the post, i've now got a cheaper way to send presents to my friends in usa.

I've used them several times (they often have 10% off vouchers too); never had a problem.
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