Free Xango Sample
Free Xango Sample

Free Xango Sample

XanGo. You've heard about it.
Now it's time to see for yourself.

* Made from the whole mangosteen fruit
* Delicious
* Less than half a glass a day
* Now selling in 20 countries
* People love it!



Sure this has been posted before

Original Poster

I did all the checks but haven't seen any earlier posts

thanks choc, heat added


Looks american?

I haven't heard about it

i did this last time it was on, stil not received anything - will give it another go, i might be lucky this time


Sure this has been posted before

Yeap it has, 100% sure:)
Not receive anything as expected anyway cause sending glass bottle from the USA is a no-no

i have requested a sample. looks interesting



Yeap it has, 100% sure:)Not receive anything as expected anyway cause … Yeap it has, 100% sure:)Not receive anything as expected anyway cause sending glass bottle from the USA is a no-no

Thought it had, nice 1 :thumbsup:, yeah I never received anything either

Thank you, heat added :thumbsup:

have requested mine.you never know might just be lucky.thanks:thumbsup:

Sounds good, requested a sample. I have received freebies from America before, but never glass. Let's hope it's a good freebie.
Nice find!
Heat&Rep added

Thanks, cool freebie

Seems interesting - applied, cheers

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from the picture of the 2 bottles on the website, it looks like its 2 sachets (sp)? so maybe its sachets not glass bottles? surely a sample would only be a small amount so no need for a glass bottle?

Nice freebie, but they won't send glass bottle from America. Think I'll give this one a miss.

Cheers for that choc1969. http://img276.imageshack.us/img276/9319/scoobywoo5dx.jpg

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]hiya good spot but i dont like giving phone number so didnt do it.[/COLOR]

I love mangosteen. but have never ever ever found it outside of Asia. Who knows where i can buy the fruit?!!!!

Don't you just put in a false phone number - i did : )

Sorry, but this is part of a pyramid style sales group....it's an American style selling technique, you get your friends & family to buy it from you....just Google it.....they're not shipping it from America, it's already here, they'll have one of their sales "representatives" contact you, again and again and again.......they'll say things like..."don't you want your family to be healthy?"...the implication being, "if you don't buy it, you don't care!"....... therefore, you're a bad person.

They ask you to buy several cases of it, then sell it on at a "recommended" retail price.....A friend of mine signed up for it.... They have seminars for the sales people at stylish hotels and offer a buffet to boost peoples self-esteem......a buffet that you're paying for through your fee to attend.......they show you videos of the upper echelon flying around in Lear Jets and driving sports cars.....they tell you how rich you'll be this time next year and that you're riding "The crest of a wave"........

My friend spent hundreds & hundreds of pounds and has most of it left over....the contents are about 5% Mangosteen (I've been all over Asia and never heard of it) and 95% "other" fruit juice....it tastes like any mixed juice... cranberry, apple, orange, all mixed together. Only they advise that this product be "used in moderation", yet used 2-3 times daily on a regular basis. So you don't just pour a big glass and have a refreshing drink, you use it sparingly, which suggests that it has "healing qualities"......ie: like a medication !

They also suggest that their sales people make up an ailment.....and then say that "since they've been using the product, their ailment has disappeared"......my friend chose to say that he/she, no longer needed medication for a hiatal hernia........., any juice would aggravate that condition due to it's acidity.....we both knew she/he was lying, it was an embarrassment and I refused to have any part of it.

A good program for mouth breathers and desperados..........it may be great to get a free sample of juice, but......"buyer beware !".......stick to Ribena !


I love mangosteen. but have never ever ever found it outside of Asia. … I love mangosteen. but have never ever ever found it outside of Asia. Who knows where i can buy the fruit?!!!!

You're probably thinking of Lychees, or Rambutans....?

Xango, is made from the skin of the Mangosteen...(still never heard of them) I don't think that the fruit itself is edible. go to their website, and watch the endorsements, "real people" (actors) . Its cringe-worthy entertainment.

You can buy tinned Lychees in syrup at most large food shops, and maybe buy the Rambutans in an Asian market at huge cost.

Rambutans are spikey and red, with a large white fruit in the centre, with a huge pit inside it. It's considered an exotic fruit. Even in Thailand they're a delicacy and go for huge prices depending upon the time of year and region from where they're harvested, people bid on them in bulk.....but that was when I was there, 15 years ago. Maybe it's changed now.

I've had three junk emails from them already!

I can't find a free sample on the page anywhere... but after reading these posts I don't think I want to apply for one anyway! Still a nice find though =)

Aye, nothing but spam mail

Had an email today from them saying they were still trying to send out samples and to confirm email as they had been overwhelmed by the responce

I received your request for XanGo singles samples and I will send
them to you as soon as possible, while supplies last.

I intend to send out as many as I'm able. There were so many
requests at the time, that there were too many to process all at
once. There were literally thousands of requests, so for that
reason I hope you'll bear with me so I can get them to you and give
you the personal service you deserve.

Thank you for your patience.
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