Free Xbox Live
Free 12 months Xbox Live for new and existing Virgin Media customers. Flyer was inside your Halo 3 box. Just quote the halo flyer when talking to an assistant.

They said that they only give the code to new customers upgrading to 20mb, but after some bartering and threats to leave, they gave me a code!


Hey mate, i got the Halo 3 Limited edition and i got the little leaflet with it, what exactly do i do? Im on the lowest package at the moment, do i need to upgrade or what?

hi is their a code on the flyer that you give to the virgin media person or was the flyer just advertisin it tellin you to ring virgin, i havint bought the game so do you think they would still give me the xbox live code i get 20m broadband off them, thanks

I'm very interested in this. What number did you ring and what options did you go through?

says on my card log in to ]here to see if you can get cable...

this may help dunno :?

do you need a phone line with them as well for this?

Has anyone else who already has broadband with Virgin managed to successfully claim this? I already have 20MB with them, but free Xbox Live would be nice. At work just now so might try over the weekend.


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I just phoned up and went through to an advisor and said "Hi. i purchased Halo 3 and seen an advertisment for free gold membership with xbox live on a flyer inside the box. Could i have some more information on that...."

As i said before, it was for new and existing customers with broadband. I said "I already have 20MB BB, can you still offer me this" They said "No" and as usual i gave the threats to leave etc and "why can you offer this to new customers and not ones who have been with you for years". Then she spoke to a manager and they have it me.

Well worth the hassle.

I have copied both sides of the leaflet, have a read yourselves.



FAO [COLOR="Red"]Lindsey[/COLOR] There is a small code in the bottom right hand corner but they never asked me for anything. Only where i bought the game and price.

FAO [COLOR="red"]Mako[/COLOR] I don't know mate. I have all the services Virgin Offer.

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wheres my post gone?

what number did you ring? i shall try this 2morow if its not expensive

I rang them yesterday, I spoke to customer service who didn't know about the offer.
They then put me through to sales who said, I had to go via the web virgimmedia\halo3.
He said that when I had filled in the form online I would get a call from the online team within 48 hours with my live code.
Thinks I may have to ring them back....
I'm on 4 meg with the phone and tv package.
Antone else had any luck..


I'm only on 4mb, I guess there's no chance of me getting it without upgrading?

Just tried calling - although they agreed in principle they wanted me to fill in the online form for existing customers. Based on what you've said here I didn't think I had to (or wanted to) do that, just in case it upsets my current deal.

For those of you who got it, did you have to "re sign-up"? And were you placed on a 12m contract too? The Customer Relations guy seemed to think that the code would be only sent once I filled in that form.

anyone got theirs?? my xbox live gold membership finishes 2morrow, i'm wondering if i could use this method or shall i just purchase another gold membership for £40?
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