Free Xbox Live Gold 1 month trial for silver members via lovefilm app

Free Xbox Live Gold 1 month trial for silver members via lovefilm app

Found 9th May 2013
This will only work for existing silver members
I got a free 1 month trial for xbox live gold via lovefilm

How I did This:

1) Went to the apps section on xbox dashboard
2) Went to browse apps and went onto lovefilm
3) When on lovefilm a box at the top right of the screen saying Get gold was there so I clicked it
4) Followed the on screen prompts until it gave me the option of signing up to a package of gold so selected no thanks
5) Then next screen came up after highlighting a 1 month free trial
6) Selected the free trial and turned off the auto renewal on website
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did it work for anyone else?
It used to be internet Explorer, then SKY app and now I guess it's lovefilm app.

Didn't work
After the trail screen it does not connect to the XBL..oO

After the trail screen it does not connect to the XBL..oO

u mean trial (_;)
Yes.. misspelled it
Do u have to have Payment method CARD on to the account because i have Paypal now
Why can't Xbox Live be always free?!?!?!?!?!?
Worked for me! I think I did this, I went to the dashboard.

1. Apps
2. Browse Apps
3. Video
4. Lovefilm
5. Offered gold from there
6. Declined sign up
7. 1 month trial offered

Hope it works for you!
Just did it, go through to the point where it shows you the prices of membership, decline it and you get the trial option, sorted, cheers...
Oh my god, this actually works. I wanted to play some CoD and was just about to pay the fiver for a month but this actually works.

Do exactly as the The_Doctor says, but he missed a bit out. When you click on LoveFilm in the Browse Apps section there are three options: Get Gold, Sign In, Close/Decline/Leave (can't remember). If you click Close you just go back to the dashboard but if you play along and press Get Gold, you're shown lots of screens showing all the supposed benefits of Gold and then a screen offering 1 month, 3 months, 12 months etc. At this point, click No Thanks and you're offered a free trial of the 1 month the dodgy mofos MS were trying to sell you a second before.

They do try and con you though as you have to give them your credit card to get the free trial, and they turn on automatic renewal with it so you will be charged the following month. The only way to avoid that is is logging into, giving them your phone number and going through lots of other overcomplicated bs just so you can turn off auto-renewal as MS are scumbags and they try and make it as hard as absolute possible.
Thank you guys for this, especially Will 23 as I was a bit lost! Worked fine, now battling for cancellation of auto renew!
Auto renew now off, thank you again
Hi guys I just used this offer the other day. But I have realized that you have to pay £6.99 for the following month. I have now turned off my auto renewal but it still says that I will have to pay £6.99 the next month. Is there a way of stopping this?
it is now netflix same instruction recived a month trial earlier
Thank OP, this still works! As mentioned above, just log on to and turn auto renew off.
hmm when i go onto lovefilm app it doesnt even have that option..just tells me i need gold but doesnt offer it to me..tried it in netflix and that did offer it but had no option of "no thanks" just had "cancel" which took you back but didnt offer a trial -.-
It hasn't worked for me.. I went on lovefilm but when I click no thanks it don't give me the one month trial. I've tried many other ways but when it says start free trial I click on it but it tells me to put in my name, number and then my credit card or PayPal details. What do I do? I Really want gold but these assholes are so extra that they want people to pay for it . Any help?
Dont forget you actually have to click on the lovefilm and click sign up for gold from there go through it all till you see the different gold packages then click no thanks and then prompts with 1 month free. just did it and it worked for me.
It woukdn't work ive tried everything
i really need xbl silver members to be able to play online it suck with out xbl gold. well if you want to ad me on xbox my gamertag is Gamerscore is 0. BYE.
this still works via netflix app
Deal is dead, or only works for free / silver members.

Get a working trial at
This only lasts three times
I tried it no option is this a joke to you or are you just lieing
I need a trial send to GT : y0VXH
I can get you in a Challenge Lobby.
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