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Posted 16 December 2022

Free Xbox Series S with selected LG OLED TVs free collection @ Argos

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Found this deal on Argos looks similar to one recently on curry’s.

9 TVs which can be bought with a free Xbox series s console. 48 inch and up OLED. Cheapest is 899
Argos More details at Argos

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    Terrible deal - 48” A2 was below £700 recently and Xbox One S below £200 too
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    Prices are unfortunately too expensive for this really to be considered 'free'.
    If companies are desperate to shift their stuff, heres an idea: sell xbox series s for £150 and go back to black friday deals for tv's. Sorted
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    Us that equiv to a ps4? Lol
    No, series s is next Gen
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    Don't forget you only get a 1 year warranty with LG TV's from Argos
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    Who’s voting this hot???! The x box has been sub £200 recently and the tv has been in the £600-650 region?!!
    Which models have been in the £600-650 region?
    A2 I know has been, but am not aware the C2 has been that low. (edited)
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    nahh, cold here
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    There is just something really annoying and customer-unfriendly about bundles in general, if you ask me, and because of the internet you did. You need to have a super-specific usecase for it to be beneficial.
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    Overinflate the price to factor the cost of a substandard tv and make it feel as though the consumer is getting a “bargain”
    This seems to be getting reasonably hot, so enough people might be falling for it, sadly.
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    E.g. *LG CS 55" £989 with 'free' Xbox series S

    Or buy the CS 55" for £800 in one of many regular deals with 5 years warranty at not Argos. And buy a cheap Xbox series S at your leisure (frequently on deals). It's a 'meh' from me. (edited)
    CS at £989 if it was C2 would have been worth it for sure haha.
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    How do things like this work exactly, if it's "free" and we say bought a TV and got a freebie. Then returned the TV as an unwanted Xmas gift for example...I dont need the xbox, but still
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    Who's heating this?
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    oh wow! xbox series s must be selling like turds so we have to include them in tvs now
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    So why not on the C2 42" as well?
    At a guess not enough profit margin to make the deal work for retailer and manufacturers.
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    Sold my series s and using game pass app on samsung tv, result
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    Which forum
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    QLED tvs are great as well and less than half priced than OLEDs. If we dont count deepest blacks and slightly noticable dinamic range QLED is fantastic for almost anyone. A 65 inch QLED tv (tcl) and series S xbox cost around 650-700 pounds.
    Or a 55 inch one for 400

    currys.co.uk/pro….ds (edited)
    I’ll be honest I wish I waited for an OLED rather than jumping onto the 4k bandwagon with a QLED. Now I’m stuck with a 49” Q60R I paid £550 for around a year and a half ago, and im struggling to shift it for almost half the price!
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