Free Yale Courses Online For All - No Registration Needed

Free Yale Courses Online For All - No Registration Needed

Found 15th Apr 2011
These are selective courses, but exactly as they are taught at Yale and no longer the preserve of only those who attend. Students, Lecturers and the like will benefit most from these, but they are opn to all, for FREE.

*Accessible via Internet (their own website), Youtube, iPad and iPhone too*

Open Yale Courses provides lectures and other materials from selected Yale College courses to the public free of charge via the internet. The courses span the full range of liberal arts disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, and physical and biological sciences.

The new courses range from financial theory to Cervantes` Don Quixote to environmental politics and law, the New Haven, Connecticut based university announced on Thursday.

Each course, recorded in its entirety as it was presented to Yale College students, is taught by one of the University`s most distinguished faculty members. Open Yale Courses may be accessed at
The courses are available in high definition video and audio formats and they offer the full experience of the Yale classroom.

Closed captioning is provided for each course, as well as searchable transcripts, syllabi, reading assignments, problem sets and other materials.

Interested individuals may download the video and/or audio files of Open Yale Courses and watch and listen to them at their convenience.

There are also iPhone and iPad optimised versions of the website to allow access to the lectures for those on the go.
No registration is required for these courses, and participants do not earn academic credit from Yale nor do they interact with the professors.


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Cold voters, please bother to post and explain why :-)


Cold voters, please bother to post and explain why :-)

That's the same ones that are protesting with violence all the time...that's why

Thanks OP!

Excellent find OP. I'm really looking forward to some of these.

These are up on iTunes U. I did the "Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics" course and it was great, especially compared to some other iTunes U courses.

Mmmm, I like a bit of philosophy and Yale's philosophy topic is...death! I might give it a go, but I just hope there's not a practical exam at the end of it lol

Good find

unfortunately its too intellectual for most people and not very practical based but a good contribution nontheless

Thanks for this

Other than physics, there's nothing I'm interested in. I'll stick to using Khan Academy as my online learning resource.


wife knows everything so will give it a miss cheers anyway

Thought it was a Locksmiths course. oO

Odd there is no computing courses but there is one for music

**** copyright law! it makes half of this useless... still hot tho

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**** copyright law! it makes half of this useless... still hot tho

How is it useless? What were you planning to do with the content??

hey, gr8! thx 4 d info!

With the expansion of courses like this from prestigious universities I can't see the value in paying £9,000 for what is essentially contact time with your tutors. You could use this material and pay privately for each hour of contact time required. Even at £50/hour you are talking about 180hours a year!

Great offer for those interested solely in improving their personal knowledge.

Just a shame there's not an option (unless I'm missing something?) to obtain certification at the end of the course. Keep the content free so people could decide whether to do the full course and let people just do it for their own satisfaction if they want, but add an optional fee at the end for anyone who wants to sit an exam and receive a qualification.

Great.Hopefully I`ll be a death expert after I complete my philosophy course(death)
Thanks OP.

Don't tell Clegg and his tory idols or you will end up paying, £9000 but only in exceptional circumstances!

Lovin' all these iTunes courses. Some great stuff from Stanford as well!

Outstanding deal!
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