FREE YHA MEMBERSHIP (if you renew your railcard online- or maybe not!)

FREE YHA MEMBERSHIP (if you renew your railcard online- or maybe not!)

Found 5th May 2008
When I got my Young Person's railcard, it told me this at the end:

PLUS - now you can claim your FREE Youth Hostel Association (YHA) membership!

Young Persons Railcard and YHA have joined forces to help you travel further and pay less to stay!

To claim your FREE one year YHA membership valued at £9.95 call: 0870 770 8868 (within UK) or 44 1629 592 700 (outside UK) and quote ATOC3.

Please check our latest Railcard offers for full details and terms and conditions.

Don't just sit there plan your next trip now!

At no point was I asked for my railcard number or any confirmation number..... I ahve my membership packet already!
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fantastic - just in time for the summer break (not that i'm a student anymore!) to travel around with.
Avoid the premium rate 0870 number by using these alternatives (found on

Youth Hostels Association (YHA)
Customer Services
01629 592700
0800 0181930
(With 0800, enter extension 700)

01629 592708
0800 0181930
(With 0800, enter extension 708)
....or just call or 44 1629 592 700 (outside UK)
Thanks, just got a membership for myself and my girlfriend, took one phonecall and two mins - and I saved 20 quid!!

Good timing on the post, I am backpacking for a few months starting next week and was going to get a membership regardless. :thumbsup:
this is gonna sound and read like a really stupid question, do you need to buy the railcard to get the membership for nowt? and is it a worldwide YHA card?
Thanks. Just got my free membership. They asked for a railcard number, but i've got one so was fine.
DOn't suppose someone could do me a massive favour and email me their railcard number, even if you change a couple of numbers around, as i've just phoned up and they need the number to process the order.
Does anyone know if this is still available please?
Railcard Website states:
"Offer valid to 31 October 2009"
but also states:
"Offer may be withdrawn at any time and is subject to change"
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