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AVG Internet Security 2019 Free for 1 Year
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
VG Internet Security 2019 Free for 1 Year: Just download AVG Free Antivirus Online installer Once the installation is completed, launch the AVG main window, click on the … Read more
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Dont work, shows as trial


Thank you so much! This worked!


It worked then I have typed in the licence key. Thank you very much :)


I went to the official AVG website and downloaded the antivirus. Should I type the licence key or copy and paste? I have pasted it. Will try again.


work for me expires 8 november 2019 Once the installation is completed, launch the AVG main window, click on the My AVG tab, then click ‘My Subscription’ and select the ‘Enter License’ option. Next, enter below license code and this will give a One-year subscription of AVG Internet Security 2019, finally update the components of the software and restart your PC AVG Internet Security 2018/19 License number : IBY9X-ESYXT-W4BZQ-QI4WX-A9LI7-INRS3

70% off a yearly AVG subscription £20.99
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
70% off a yearly AVG subscription £20.99
Think this is a good deal as AVG is a personal favourite, usually have the free subscription.. ;) normally 69.99.. .

Kaspersky works well for me


You're better off protecting your computer with a wooden spoon. Cheaper too.


I moved onto comodo too. Do have a Kaspersky internet security that I got from HUKD, from around June this year, posted at £1.99 and there was a 5 device deal for under four quid, and you get it free if you are a Barclays customer.


It is not worth it.


Am I the only one missing a trick here? I can get eset, or F secure for around £21 per year normal price. How is AVG worth £70?

AVG Ultimate 2016 1 Year - Internet Security & TuneUp for Unlimited PCs, Tablets & phones £19.99 was £59.99 at AVG.com
Found 23rd Jun 2016Found 23rd Jun 2016
AVG Ultimate 2016 1 Year - Internet Security & TuneUp for Unlimited PCs, Tablets & phones £19.99 was £59.99 at AVG.com
•All-in-one antivirus, privacy, & tuneup for UNLIMITED devices. Includes: •Unlimited Downloads of AVG Internet Security for Windows & AVG PC TuneUp for Windows •Unlimited D… Read more
AVG Easter Offer Was £59.99   Now £19.99
Found 25th Mar 2016Found 25th Mar 2016
AVG Easter Offer Was £59.99 Now £19.99
Internet Security, PC TuneUp & more... AVG Ultimate - Save 66% Kung Fu malware & hackers with AVG Internet Security Tick green, 16 x 16 px Online shield: dropkick infecte… Read more

If you must buy this Google avg and privacy first :(


Kaspersky was on here last week for as low as £1.99 Total security 2016 for 5 appliances. I am running it now. Much superior to free AV. Now that was a deal.


I use the free Microsoft AV. I also use the free Zone Alarm firewall to stop unwanted outgoings


Hard to believe people still pay for antivirus, windows defenders is more than IP to the job these days and Avast has good detection rates.


had my only ever breach of security using this crap, never again. Avast has proved far more secure.

Free AVG Internet Security 2014 Full version for 1 year (Extended Trial)
Found 12th Jan 2014Found 12th Jan 2014
Free AVG Internet Security 2014 Full version for 1 year (Extended Trial)
Link is: http://sharewareonsale.com/s/free-avg-internet-security-2014-54-99-value ****Get this downloaded and registered before 8am on the 16th Jan 2014 if you want this freebie o… Read more
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You say AVG is an awful antivirus and then proceed to mention something that in terms of virus detection is even worse. MSSE/Defender is a "baseline" antivirus only and should not be solely relied on as a full antivirus solution, Microsoft themselves have said that...


Awful antivirus programme! Windows 7 Microsoft Security Essentials (External Download) Windows 8/8.1 Microsoft Windows Defender (built-in OS feature).


is it better than avast which i have been usgin for quite a numbr of years now


Will give it a try ta


This free offer has nothing to do with SharewareonSale and they are just finding it from elsewhere on the web and packaging it up as their own freebie, no links to original sources, nothing. Then you have to go through all the crap of their checkout to get it... This is a leaked Huawei version that's been around for months and the offer doesn't expire in xx amount of hours. The real links are direct from AVG themselves, you can download anytime... http://aa-download.avg.com/filedir/inst/avg_isct_x86_all_2014_4259a6848_huawei.exe http://aa-download.avg.com/filedir/inst/avg_isct_x64_all_2014_4259a6848_huawei.exe If you just want the Antivirus, that's available as well. http://aa-download.avg.com/filedir/inst/avg_avct_x86_all_2014_4259a6848_huawei.exe http://aa-download.avg.com/filedir/inst/avg_avct_x64_all_2014_4259a6848_huawei.exe

AVG PC TuneUp £17.50 @ AVG
Found 26th Oct 2013Found 26th Oct 2013
AVG PC TuneUp £17.50 @ AVG
AVG PC TuneUp £17.50 @ AVG


Microsoft Security Wssentials - free - for virus protection Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - free - as added tool which picks up registry hacks etc from unscrupulous installs (like websearch/toobars) full scan once a month for frequent user CCleaner (as previously commented) also includes added tools like registry cleaner/startup/system restore cleaner) If you want a free pc optimiser Wise Registry Cleaner - free - not only cleans your registry but also will optimise your pc CCleaner does not clean windows installed but not longer required updates and other clutter - if you are short on space or want to get rid of all unnecessary Wise Disk Cleaner will clear more - run also the slimming down tool (but don't check help files/wallpaper if you need/use them) Windows Defragmenter does a basic job it defrags all split files - there are many free alternatives but my preference is Mydefrag running the System Disk Monthly - which sorts files during the defrag process into an order which gives a slight performance enhancement in boot times but what do I know? I had 22 pcs + 1server to mantain and keep upto date for 2 years plus fix other pc's/laptops in person and over the interweb thingy Also it's a good idea to keep all your software, where financially possible, up to date - as such I use CNet's Download App + Filehippo Update Checker both free (but beware to remove them from startup as you won't need them every boot) Enjoy and please feel free to comment or troll or just give your own personal negative feedback/criticism of my own choices.. the thing is it will be wasted because I've heard it all before and everyone is an expert - I will not be back here to reply... enough said


Totally agree with that statement, save yourself some money and use CCleaner, I've been using it for years and never had a problem.


I guess I'm a bit of a tech head. I take an unhealthy interest in these things heh but I don't see any problem with software like this. With a billion people using Windows, can anyone really say that software that has a suite of tools will or won't help anyone? I don't think you can. Silly to even try. My own personal way of keeping my PC going is to just Google my way out of any problem that turns up rather than rely on a lot of installed tools that may or may not do anything. I do have autoruns its a nice free thing for plucking out stuff that demands to start up with your PC when you have no use for it doing that and the software itself doesn't offer a way to stop it. (msconfig should never be used for this, it creates more problems than it solves, disable something in msconfig and if you later remove the software, it won't be removed properly from the registry) But really PC's are so fast today that I don't think it makes any real noticeable difference whether ipod service starts up or not. These things just annoy me :)


I have 2 apps installed for cleanup/tuneup. The first is CCleaner, which will delete anything you not needed (also use secure delete so cant be recovered after you have deleted it). Advanced System Care, runs in the background. Also helps to run disk defragmenter every few months. I run it over night. (start > all programs > accessories > system tools > Microsoft® Disk Defragmenter

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AVG Anti-Virus 2014 Free Edition
Found 9th Sep 2013Found 9th Sep 2013
AVG Anti-Virus 2014 Free Edition
This is a great free Anti-Virus program, I've used it for years and never had any problems so I'm recommending it to the people! Check the FREE Anti-Malware program I've posted h… Read more

No problem. No hurry at all.


Yeah thanks, I did receive it. I will reply to your questions at some point tomorrow via PM; I hope that is okay. :)


Must have missed the original reply. Got the PM you have sent and I have replied to it tonight (Thursday - 7.45pm). You can let me know if it came through.


I completely understand what you're saying, in fact, I agree with you; I do believe there should be at least some encryption involved. However, as a whole, Google Chrome is still an excellent web browser for simplicity, speed and security (apart from the minor issue above). ;) You're more than welcome Mike17396. To be totally honest with you, I haven't tried avast! personally, however from research and looking at independent data from AV-TEST and AV-Compatives, amongst others, I can tell you it is the best free anti-virus software out there. Use Malwarebytes too (the free version is good enough), just do a Full Scan every month or so, and both of those security products together, should do the job nicely. By the way, just in case anyone is wondering why I haven't used avast! personally, it's because I am using McAfee at the moment (don't ask why, long story) but I definitely aim to swap it for Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 soon; as Barclays customers get it free. If it wasn't for the Barclays offer though, I would probably be using avast! :)


Hi Transformers, I ended up taking your advice and swapped to Avast. Obviously I can see no difference but I guess it seems to be the highest rated at the moment, I still believe AVG is a great free antivirus, thanks for the advice anyway! :)

AVG Internet Security 2013 Free Download with 1 Year Serial Key
Found 12th Jun 2013Found 12th Jun 2013
AVG Internet Security 2013 Free Download with 1 Year Serial Key
this is a AVG Internet Security 2013 - Free 1 year for Huawei Dongle users but it works for everyone lol Install AVG Internet Security 2013. The free 1 year serial key is already… Read more
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It appears that if you have had the 30 day trial and it has expired then the installer will not supply the serial. When installed it is not a licensed version but a 374 day trial, and the license number shown is "IB73Q-I2NB6-6G7JM-QUNVP-K3ONR-O". This is not helpful,since it needs another 4 alphanumeric characters at the end to be accepted. If anyone installing it does see the full number, please copy and paste it into notepad and make it public here please....


I just downloaded it's a 30 day trial that is really annoying.


Just wondering if those getting a standard 30 day trial have opted out of using the search bar, AVG homepage and so on?!? Fingers crossed anyway as my F-Secure has just met it's maker!


its a bit hit and miss installing this. I used the free version before and thought I would give this a try as its free for year. 1st computer 64bit installed fine got the 274 day trial. 2nd computer 32bit installed only got 30 trial, uninstalled and reinstalled got 274 day trial 3rd computer 32bit removed the free version and installed from link no serial when installing put in serial manually would not work. tried 3 times uninstalling and installing but could not get the 1 year to work. gave up and went back to free version on that computer.


Mine says 369 days left

FREE 30 DAY TRIAL Ultimate Protection for your PC @ AVG
Found 4th Mar 2013Found 4th Mar 2013
FREE 30 DAY TRIAL Ultimate Protection for your PC @ AVG
This is a good 30 Day FREE trial - Anti-virus / Internet security .. my years subscription recently Expired so i thought this will do until i find a good deal on another years lice… Read more

mmm like all these "WIN A LOG" deals... hardly a deal .. more like competitions




I have Microsoft security essentials when I give avg a go it picked up 5 spyware 1 virus that MSE had missed I changed becuase it can add loads of files. Look up devices and make sure nothings hidden and there was a massive list


It was always free as a trial for 30days. Should we start filling freebies with trials and demos? Cold.


jeeez -30 and getting colder hahaa is it that bad

Free mobile protection (AVG Pro - £9.49) for Samsung UK Android customers
Found 27th Feb 2013Found 27th Feb 2013
Free mobile protection (AVG Pro - £9.49) for Samsung UK Android customers
Useful app for Samsung smartphone users. The app will be available for download on March 6th can be downloaded via the Samsung Apps store. Here is a bit more info: AVG Technologi… Read more
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I had a Samsung handset destroyed because avg didn't stop a virus, just saying


Clearly I'm blind. Where can I download this?


F-Secure... F-Secure... Oh yes, they make antivirus software. Great bit of scaremongering in the pursuit of trying to do the industry a favour. There are approximately 900,000 apps on Google Play, and I would be amazed if the number dodgy ones on it amounted to even 0.0001%. If it makes you feel better to install this, or any other antivirus software on your phone, then fine. But for anyone else who doesn't go around installing stuff willy nilly, it is a total waste of time and your phone's resources.


For anyone saying that you don't need AV on 'droid: F-Secure's latest Mobile Threat Report for the last three months of 2012 names Android as the home of 96% of the new "mobile threat families". Of 100 new threat families detected in that quarter, 96 of them were based on Android, up from the previous quarter's 49 out of 74, http://www.h-online.com/security/news/item/Report-Android-is-home-to-96-of-new-mobile-malware-1818594.html


The permissions are a bit unerving - includes allowing the app to make phone calls wthout your permission!!

AVG Internet Security 2013 for £24
Found 16th Oct 2012Found 16th Oct 2012
AVG Internet Security 2013 for £24
Full version of AVG Internet Security 2013 for £24 instead of the usual £40! A St. Patricks Day special apparently ;)
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Just pick up an older version off amazon for about £15 or less, the licence carries foward into the equivelent version of the latest release.


Oh dear. This deal is for AVG Internet Security FULL VERSION, not some free stuff - I could download AVG Free for that! oO


Try this for free https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/free-lifetime-antivirus-microsoft-security-essentials-1101569 https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/microsoft-security-essentials-free-anti-virus-spyware-download-for-home-small-business-1305476


Good call @stealadeal! But @Geekboy2k, that's not AVG!


and this......(_;) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/products/security-essentials

AVG Family Safety £0.95
Found 4th Jun 2011Found 4th Jun 2011
AVG Family Safety £0.95
Came across this the other day, and downloaded it myself, not sure how long its that price for so best get it while you can, it's great software if you have kids and you can also s… Read more

Stay clear, do some research.


Looks like a decent product for kids safety. Not a lot of money and even that is going to a good cause. Heat added.


Unlikely. Norton still dominate by a long way and their product is better than AVG.


Kasperky and this going for cheap Seems like destroyer pricing, Norton is bound to go out of business now


Voted hot - must be somewhat better than the free version... although thats been fine for me. Whats not to like for 95 pence - which goes to charity anyway!

Free 5GB Online Backup @ AVG LiveKive (Also Accessible via Andriod/Apple Phones)
Found 16th May 2011Found 16th May 2011
Free 5GB Online Backup @ AVG LiveKive (Also Accessible via Andriod/Apple Phones)
5GB Free online backup @ AVG LiveKive + Free Windows/mac application to upload/sync the folders. + files accessible via iphone/andriod phones. Signup for 5 GB storage free Star… Read more
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didnt work for me just got the free trial.im not uploading stuff to a site that is 1.slow as treacle 2.cant sign me up with the option I chose 3.I would have to either delete or download all that i have uploaded in a months time dropbox,sugarsynch and Adrive for me,not voted as some people seem to have it working ok..


Hot, hot. hot.


Hot for me, I installed it for test purposes but.... my unborn kid kicked his mother so strong that she split coffee all over my laptop, thanks God i had copy of all my projects on AVG LiveKive


I got the same thing and when i did try again it said I already had an account to the registration must have worked. when I looked at the "my proudcts" link it said I had no licences. Trying to add the 5Gb offer just seems to add a trial to the paid for version. Not sure I'd trust data of any value to a site that can't get the signup process working properly. I'm sticking to Dropbox too. Thanks OP for the heads op tho.


If you get the 'experiencing problems' message it actually registers you for the 30 day trial. I eventually set up a new account with a new email and managed to register for the free 5GB service. I cannot see any way of registering for the free service with an account that has been registered for the trial.

AVG 2011 Free antivirus software
Found 17th Oct 2010Found 17th Oct 2010
AVG 2011 Free antivirus software
AVG Free provides you with basic antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows and is available to download for free Cannot change the link which for some reason takes you to t… Read more

Nice one. - Will keep fingers crossed, but more importantly my eyes open.


not yet anyway lol


Won't install if you have Windows essential


Definitely NOT expired. Removed my olde v9 and then installed 2011 with absolutely no problems


AVG - the master of disguise :p

Free AVG Internet Security 2011 for 1 year
Found 9th Oct 2010Found 9th Oct 2010
Free AVG Internet Security 2011 for 1 year
As a friend of AVG, or a friend of a friend, you can join our community and enjoy full premium protection for one year – for free. AVG Internet Security 2011 is our fastest and saf… Read more

no worries :) i don't know why it got expired before when it was working fine. but is definitely expired now.


Even though it's expired, i'd like to say thanks very much, did it when the deal was going and got my key today and everything fine, got a full year of AVG a good trusted product!


Got my code. Thanks.


For those saying it is bad have a look here http://www.av-test.org/certifications it seems to do well in these tests.


From my experience, it doesn't catch many viruses. But, for free, its Hot!

Found 25th Mar 2010Found 25th Mar 2010
Free download for recovery/rescue tool for copying to CD or memory stick. http://www.avg.com/gb-en/avg-rescue-cd

AVG let a lovely bit of Malware onto my brother in laws pc. Took a bit of work on my part to get rid of it, also got rid of AVG and replaced it with NOD32.


I tried it recently when a PC went down. Only helped to make things worse. Ubuntu live saved the day in the end.


Why shouldn't people give heat and rep for this and similar posts? If a product is free and its serves its purpose why can't it be hot? Not everyone is aware of what is out there. You obvioulsy know what you are talking about when it comes to A/V and the like. Not everyone does. You are no doubt all too aware of the dodgy free downloads that are offered when you type in 'free antivirus' into your search engine. This is safe - it may not be the best available but it's free, readily available and as far as I know, safe to use. And its better than nothing, which is what many people have once their free Norton has run out. Why don't you list the others you've mentioned in a new post - do the rest of us a favour and share your knowledge of free A/V and anything else that is useful and costs nothing. It would be most welcome I'm sure. I'd give you heat and rep if you did. Why shouldn't someone get rep added if they've taken the time listing a product or service in order to share something with other people? Surely doing something for no financial gain, or any sort of gain at all for that matter, deserves some form of a thank you?


Sighs.. I think i'm a hypocrite! I can't stand it when people complain about the voting system, and i've just gone and done it :oops:


Not to quibble too much, but are we in the freebies section now giving heat and rep for just reporting free security programs? I've seen Microsoft Security Essential thread rocket into heat, i have seen panda A/V, now this. How many more normal free products are going to be given heat. The second question then becomes, if I make a list of all the freebie Security Rescue CDs, plus a list of all the Free AVs will I then get heat and rep? Seems silly to me.... eg Vipre Rescue System: ]http://live.sunbeltsoftware.com/ or Sardu (A multiple AV detection system): ]http://www.sarducd.it/tutorial.html How about the most awesome cleanup tool of them all, HitmanPro: ]http://www.surfright.nl/en/hitmanpro (Almost 6 engines powering it, PLUS its got Force Breech - hold down Ctrl before you double click on the HitmanPro Icon, and it kills any malware processes running at the current time) - includes Gdata, Nod,PrevX, Asquared. Just seems a bit silly to vote each one hot....I guess I can see how if you don't have any A/V at the moment you may vote it hot. However, each and everyone, without knowing detection rates seems bizarre to me. Just a personal opinion.

Free internet protection for life!
Found 28th Jan 2010Found 28th Jan 2010
Free internet protection for life!
great basic cover @ AVG and its free! do read it correctly, it says extra cover for £29.99 but there is a download button for free cover
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comodo much better and you get a firewall all for NOWT


Voted cold just for you mate, lmao


+1 AVG is useless these days even if it is free :-D


Please un-expire so I can vote COLD


niether did i thanks sigma

AVG Internet Security 9.0 free download with 90 days free license code
Found 22nd Dec 2009Found 22nd Dec 2009
What is AVG Internet Security? --------------------- AVG Internet Security is well-known security software that provides proactive protection against viruses, worms, spyware, and … Read more

AVG slowed my PC down so I switched to free Avira. Much better IMO.


seemes to have worked okay


thanks despite not understanding polish ive given it a go


Just re-register use a different email and they'll send you another different serial code... (I already installed on 2 computer with 2 different serial code..) --------------------------------- This is AVG Internet Security (package) come with Firewall and other part of tweek etc.... AVG dose take a lot ram and slow down - depend on your computer or laptop performance. I understand most you happy with other products like avast virus, comodo, zone alarm, many "basic free products" anyway feel free to try 3 months.... if you dont like it? just unstall it - simple... People dose pay for these subscription: ]https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/541964/avg-internet-security-9-0-1-user-1-


loads of free antivirus and firewalls out there most are average to very good and better than the paid ones. I use pc tools firewall and avast virus scanner as they is the only things that seems to work well with win7 64 bit......has probs with avg free virus scanner, norton 360 (trial trashed my win7 install when i uninstalled it, grr!), zone alarm free, loads of others and what exact extras does this have that are actually necessary....none, it will just slow down your pc