(Freebie) Battlefield 1 Incursions DLC PC/PS4/Xbox One

(Freebie) Battlefield 1 Incursions DLC PC/PS4/Xbox One

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Just a heads up as I can't see it previously posted. The BF1 Incursions CTE (Community test environment) release is out now. It's a new competitive 5v5 mode. Maps and classes have been revamped for this style of game. I found this link helpful in explaining it t1gaminglive.com/ind…ow/
It's still in Alpha/Beta (not too sure which) and liable to change over time, and may be released as an update i the future as part of the base game, for now it is a seperate download.
You have to register and manually download it.


For our returning Battlefield 1 Incursions Community Environment, just

update your client via Origin and you’re ready to dive in.

*PS4 and XBOX1*

For our console players, the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment

is now the Battlefield 1 Incursions client! if you have the Battlefield 1

Community Test Environment for console in your game library, you’re all

set! Install or update the client and you can hit the ground running.

If you are not a returning BF1 ICE player, or if you did not

participate in the Battlefield 1 CTE for consoles, you will need to

register in-game.
1) Start up your Battlefield 1 base game
2) Go to the "More" tab on the main menu
3) Select "Battlefield 1 Incursions"
4) Follow the on-screen instructions

"Battlefield 1 Incursions" will become available in your games collection
Download and install the separate game client for "Battlefield 1 Incursions" via the Origin/PlayStation Store/Xbox Marketplace
Launch "Battlefield 1 Incursions" from Origin/your console's home screen
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Battlefield Deals


Thanks for the heads up :).

17.92 GB on Xbox One.
played it yesterday, took a while (up to 5 minutes) to do matchmaking
play 3 games for a new melee weapon for BF1 - ararebo
39.5gb on PS4 Pro

Thanks for this though
Awesome share, time to redownload Bf1 and give this a blast! Thanks.
Are they trying to compare to cod?
ChrissyBoy6 h, 28 m ago

39.5gb on PS4 Pro Thanks for this though

Same here. Downloaded and installed under 2mins

Thanks Virgin 350mbps
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