Freebirds @ Cineworld just £1.00 from Saturday and onwards

Freebirds @ Cineworld just £1.00 from Saturday and onwards

Found 11th Feb 2014
Great deal,

£1.50 if your not a member of My Cineworld,

also 3D Screening is £2.70


Two turkeys embark on a mission to avoid becoming dinner in this eye-popping 3D animated comedy! Reggie the turkey (Owen Wilson) has the perfect life. In a great American tradition, he was chosen by the President to be pardoned before Thanksgiving. Now he lives a life of luxury watching TV and eating pizza. But then Reggie is kidnapped by Jake (Woody Harrelson), the revolutionary leader of the Turkey Freedom Front. Jake has a crazy scheme. He doesn't just want to save a handful of turkeys. He intends to travel back in time to the very first Thanksgiving and get turkeykind off the menu for good! So reluctant, cowardly Reggie joins this determined alpha turkey in his bird-brained plan to hijack a time machine. Their amazing journey also introduces them to the clever, courageous and beautiful Jenny (Amy Poehler). 'Horton Hears a Who!' director Jimmy Hayward's hilarious comedy serves up some really angry birds!

- 008
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+HOT, super price!
Just to add that this film may not be showing at your local, there are 3 films showing as part of the "Movies for Juniors" which also include Monsters University and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, check here for what's on at your local Cineworld
A bit of a turkey (sorry) but the kids will enjoy it.
If they've not seen Monsters University or Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, they are both better films.
Well worth a quid anyway - cheers for posting!
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Good for kids. I found this film a little dull
all 3 on over half term week at my local cineworld, i enjoyed free birds

Don't forget you can get kids box for £2 with movies for juniors showings for those who forget to bring their own.
Terrible reviews from critics and moviegoers alike on Metacritic.
I saw this for free and still felt I was overcharged.
I was expecting it to be rubbish but thought it was ok. Not as good as Monsters U but ok.
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