Freebooks for babies/toddlers

Freebooks for babies/toddlers

Found 13th Feb 2007
Bookstart for babies, Bookstart+ and My Bookstart Treasure Chest packs are currently available in almost every part of the UK.

Where can you get your Bookstart packs?

If there is a Bookstart scheme operating in your area, you can get your free Bookstart pack from the following places:

Your health visitor / local health clinic
Early years setting
Your local library
Please note that you do not have to join your local library to receive any of the free Bookstart packs.

If there is no scheme operating in your area or you encounter any other problems, please write to us at:


Book House

45 East Hill


SW18 2QZ


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My little girl's pack was given out by our health visitor @ her 8 month check.
That's how it 'went down' in South East london...can't speak for elsewhere.
Nice pack with some good quality (& now well loved) books.

Good post, people are unlikely to know about this unless they have actually received the books

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Seemingly available in our area also but baby's 8 month check came and went without any books:-(. No information at our health clinic either. Maybe our health visitors are planning to open a book store:p! Going to chase it up at the library:-D

these are available on 3 stages i think.. up ti 18mths then 18mths to 3 years then 3 years +... My daughter was given a treasure chest at pre - school with a box of crayola crayons, a sticker book, 2 story books and a colouring book... she loved it.

thanks for the post... has reminded me to go get my younger daughter hers!!

This is still around for books free for kids up too 4yrs, bumping this for anyone that has'nt seen these,as last post was feb 07.

Bookstart pack for babies
for babies aged
0-12 months

for toddlers aged
18–30 months

My Bookstart Treasure Chest
for children aged
36–48 months

Think they've altered what they do here.
You get a bag from HV at 8mths but at 2 (not 18mths) you get to collect book vouchers from the library. Must remember to go in and get daughters.
At between 3 and 4 they visit school and all get treasure chest.
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